The Practical Encyclopedia of Magic
Einhorn, Nicholas
Hermes House (2002)
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Magic tricks
Paperback 9780681783331
Great Britain  eng
Einhorn, Nicholas: The Practical Encyclopedia of Magic
Photographed by: John Freeman
256 pages, softcover
ISBN 13: 978-0-681-78333-1

Comments (DA): This is a great beginner's book. Originally published as "The Art of Magic and Sleight of Hand". Glossy, full color photos, and provides all the details. Found this on the bargain racks at the local Border's Bookstore. Recommended.


6 Introduction: keeping the secret, fooling people, misdirection, practice patter and style, magic shops, watch and learn
10 Magician's Equipment: books, close up mat, playing cards, silks cups and balls, rope and string, stationary, household items, money

13 History of Mystery:
14 Magic and Magicians Through the Ages
16 Magical Inventors: Jean-Eugene Robert (Robert Houdin), Bautier De Kolta, Selbit, etc
18 Literary Experts: early magic books and authors (Professor Hoffmann, Edwin A. Dawes, etc.)
20 Magical Venues: Egyptian Hall, London; Centre for the Magic Arts
21 Comedy Magicians: Arthur Carlton Philips, Tommy Cooper, etc.
22 Close-up Magicians: Dai Vernon, Max Maline, etc.
24 Illusionists: Herrmann, Harry Kellar, Howard Thurston, etc.
28 Television Magicians: David Copperfield, David Nixon, Paul Daniels, etc.

31 Card Magic
32 Introduction: about cards

34 Basic Card Techniques
34 The Hand
34 Dealing Grip
34 Mechanic’s Grip
34 Biddle Grip
35 Dribbling Cards
35 Two-Handed Spread
36 Squaring the Cards
36 Swing Cut
37 Charlier Cut: a one handed cut
38 The Glimpse: Out of the Box Glimpse
38 Square and Glimpse
39 The Braue Reversal: to reverse one card
39 The Glide
40 Double Lift and Turnover: with break
41 Snap Change: one card changes into another instantly
42 Ribbon Spread and Turnover: flourish

44 Shuffling Cards
44 Overhand Shuffle
45 Table Riffle Shuffle
46 Weave Shuffle and Waterfall: in the hands with a flourish

48 Self Working Card Tricks
48 Sense of Touch: magician is able to tell face of card with only the backs toward him (peek)
48 The Four Burglars: Four Jacks are mixed into the deck and reappear at the top
50 Hocus Pocus: a spelling and mathematical card trick
52 Reversed: deck is placed behind the back, and when brought forward the selection is found reversed in the deck
53 Face Value: The value and suit of two other cards find the selection
54 The Indicator: a card is found reversed in the deck, which indicates where the selection is found
55 You Find It!: the spectator finds her own card
56 Instant Card Revelation: a quick revelation using a glimpsed card
57 The Next Card is Yours: a trick apparently is about to go wrong...
58 Do As I Do: Magician and spectator each select the same card
60 Impossible Card Location: two spectators select a card from two halves of the deck; the magician finds them instantly
62 Magic Time: a card clock trick
64 Spectator Cuts the Aces: Aces appear on top of four packets
66 Four Card Poker: a four card poker hand that never fails
68 Spell-a-Card: selection is spelled and comes to the selection

69 Controlling A Card:
69 Finger Break
69 Thumb Break
70 Double Cut
70 Double Cut Control: control to top
71 In-Jog Dribble Control: to top
72 Run and Back Control: an in the hands shuffle control
73 Simple Overhand Control: with an overhand shuffle
74 A False Cut: simple

75 Card Tricks Requiring Skill
75 Countdown: spectator's card is counted to, fails 1st time, succeeds 2nd
76 Gliding Home: Magician is about to reveal selection and spectator thinks he's wrong...
78 Trapped: selection appears between two Queens
80 Card Through Handkerchief: Deck is wrapped and selection emerges
82 Cards Across: Three cards pass from one packet to another, both packets held by spectators
64 Card Under Glass: Selection transposes with card under a glass
85 Forcing a Card:
85 Hindu Force: during the Hindu Shuffle
86 Slip Force
86 Cut Deeper Force: a bit laborious
87 Cross Cut Force and Prediction: simple force using time misdirection and used to match a selection with a prediction

88 Special Gimmicks:
88 Pips Away: a "3 of Diamonds" instantly changes into the selected 2
90 Changing Card: an instant changing card gimmick
92 Find the Lady: a gimmicked version of the Three Card Monte
94 Card Through Tablecloth: a card is selected by riffling the deck; it then vanishes and is found under the tablecloth
96 Rising Card From Box (Version 1): with fingertip help
98 Rising Card From Box (Version 2): with a toothpick riser
100 Card to Matchbox: the wrong card turns into a matchbox which is opened to find the selection

104 Advanced Flourishes
104 Thumb Fan
104 Pressure Fan
105 One-Handed Fan
105 One-Handed Reverse Fan
106 Giant Fan
106 Comedy Card Force: card is obviously forced from beneath the fan of cards
107 Card Spring: from hand to hand
108 Back Palm: and producing it from there

111 Dinner Table Magic
112 Introduction: some stories of Max Malini
114 Rolling Straw: a straw rolls on the table by command
114 Clinging Cutlery: a fork clings to the hand
115 Bending Knife (Version 1): optical illusion
115 Bending Knife (Version 2): knife is bent on the table
116 Bouncing Bread Roll: roll bounces on the ground
117 Vanishing Glass: glass vanishes beneath paper napkin
118 Torn and Restored Napkin: quick and easy
120 Sugar Rush: Matrix effect with cards and sugar cubes (coins are more effective)
122 Sugar Rush Uncovered: Chink-A-Chink with sugar cubes
124 All Sugared Up: spectator gives magician a number which is written on a sugar cube. Cube is dissolved in water, and number appears on spectator's palm
126 Two in the Hand: A two in the hand, one in the pocket routine with sugar cubes
128 Knife and Paper Trick: paddle trick
130 The Cups and Balls: Standard beginner's routine using Styrofoam cups and paper balls

135 Match Magic
136 Introduction: with photo of Colin Rose
138 Match Through Safety Pin: solid apparently passes through solid
138 Self-Extinguishing Match: Magician blows down left sleeve and extinguishes match held in right hand
139 Broken and Restored Match: in a handkerchief
140 Vanishing Match: a quick vanish of a matchstick (need to be wearing a ring)
141 Vanishing Box of Matches: matches rattle in the box but it is found empty
142 Static Match: a match jumps when just touched by another
142 Jumping Match: another approach
143 Lit Match Production: from your lapel
144 Match Through Match: two matches apparently penetrate each other when held at the fingertips
145 Match Off String: a matchbox is removed from a string under a handkerchief
146 Burnt Match in Matchbook: a match is removed and burnt, then found back in the matchbook (still burnt!)

149 String, Cord, and Rope Magic
150 Introduction: Indian Rope Trick discussed
152 Cut and Re-Strawed: a string is threaded through a straw, the center is cut, yet the string is pulled out intact
154 Jumping Rubber Band: from fingers to fingers
155 String Through Arm (Version 1): apparently through spectator's arm
156 String Through Arm (Version 2): with the clever use of beads
156 String Through Ring: as above, with other objects
157 Rope Through Neck: need to be wearing a collar
158 Rope Through Neck Again!: a more visible approach
159 Hunter Bow Knot: a dissolving knot
160 Impossible Knot: tied without letting go of the ends
161 Slip Knot: slips right off the rope!
162 Cut and Restored Rope (Version 1): with extra piece
163 Cut and Restored Rope (Version 2): No extra
164 Rope Through Apple: rope is threaded through a hole in an apple; the apple is removed

167 Mind Magic
168 Introduction: Mentalists such as Graham P. Jolley, David Berglas, Uri Geller
170 Coin Under Bottle Tops: Magician can determine under which cap is a coin
171 Whispering Jack: The Sherlock Holmes Jack helps find the villain
172 “X” Marks the Spot: Spectator names any card and it is found to be the only one in the deck with an X on it.
174 Dice Divination: using a little known fact about dice
174 Human Calculator: mathematical prediction
175 Impossible Prediction: magician shows he knew which of three cards would be selected
176 Ash on Arm: reveals selection
178 Tri-Thought: A number, a shape, and a card are predicted (one-ahead)
180 Just Chance: only the magician gets the envelope with the money
182 Money Miracle: Only the envelope with the money is not ripped up
183 1089: mathematical prediction
183 1089 – Book Test: using the above for a simple Book Test
183 Double Book Test: a simple book Test
184 The Big Prediction: a comedy jumbo "52-on-1" prediction with surprise finish
185 Black Magic: an example of a code for use with an assistant
185 Temple of Wisdom: using your temples to relate a code to your assistant

187 Silk, Thimble and Paper Magic
188 Introduction

190 Silk magic
190 Simple Silk Production: from a palmed position
191 Mid-Air Silk Production: from the elbow
192 Rose to Silk: what appears to be a rose in your lapel is a rose
194 Pencil Through Silk: pencil apparently penetrates a silk
196 Silk Vanish: using a pull
198 Milk to Silk: using a gaffed cup
200 The Trick Which Fooled Houdini: a watch vanishes from under a handkerchief (uses an accomplice)

200 Thimble Magic
200 Jumping Thimble: from finger to finger
201 Thimble From Banknote: produced from behind money
202 Thimble Thumb Clip
202 Vanishing Thimble: from fingertip
204 Thimble From Silk: Handkerchief shown empty
205 Thimble Through Silk: apparently penetrates silk

206 Paper Magic
206 Telekinetic Paper: paper apparently falls over of its own will
207 Cut and Restored Newspaper: Clippo
208 Snowstorm in China: version by The Great Kovari

213 Money Magic
214 Introduction
216 Easy Money Tricks
216 Linking Paper Clips: two paper clips and a rubber band link in an instant
217 Bending Coin (Version 1): optical illusion
217 Heads I Win!: magician determines whether hidden coin is heads up or down
218 Impossible Coin Balance: Coin can be balanced on the edge of a folded dollar
219 Floating Banknote: bill seems to float above the hand

220 Basic Coin Techniques:
220 Finger Palm and Production
220 Thumb Clip
221 Classic Palm
222 Downs Palm
222 Downs Palm Production
223 Bobo Switch: one coin for another
224 Coin Roll

225 Coin Vanishes
225 French Drop
226 Thumb Clip Vanish
227 Fake Take
228 Sleeving a Coin: from the top of the hand
229 Coin in Elbow: coin vanishes when rubbed into the elbow
230 Handkerchief Coin Vanish: with a gimmicked handkerchief
231 Clever Coin Vanish: using your tie
232 Coin Wrap: the coin fold
234 Coin Vanish From Matchbox: almost impromptu
235 Pencil and Coin Vanish: pencil vanish distracts from the coin vanish

236 More Money Tricks
236 Switcheroo: magician can snatch the coin from the spectator, and in the process the coin switches for another!
237 Coin Through Table: coin apparently penetrates the table
238 Coin Through Handkerchief: coin twists through handkerchief
240 Coin in Egg: A coin is vanished and an egg is broken into a glass, where the coin is found amongst the yolk
241 Coin in Bread Roll: similar to above
242 Coin Through Pocket: a coin penetrates the outside of the pocket and is removed therefrom
243 Bending Coin (Version 2): a coin is visibly bent
244 Appearing Money: a bill appears after pulling up the sleeves
246 Paper to Money: a blank paper is unfolded into a bill

250 Glossary
252 Suppliers: In many countries
254 Index
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