Professional Magic Made Easy
Bruce Elliott
Harper & Brothers (1959)
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Magic tricks
USA  English
Elliott, Bruce: Professional Magic Made Easy
©1959 Bruce Elliott
Published by Harper & Row, NY
This edition by Gramercy Publishing Co.
Hardcover, 232 pages

Comments: More great beginner and intermediate magic by Bruce Elliott, with lots of contributors.


v Preface (Bruce Elliott)

1 Close Up Surprises
3 The Spoon that Changes: to a knife
3 Texture (Martin Gardner): cigarette through handkerchief
5 Tinkle: vanishing thimble from pencil
8 Fourth Dimensional Sewing (L Vosburgh Lyons): ring becomes tied on ribbon
8 Iced (Stuart Cramer): science puzzle
10 Penetration #1: with two matches
12 Penetration #2: another
12 Loops Entwined (Jack Avis): ropes become looped under a handkerchief
14 The Diviner (Tom Sellers): matches find a card
16 Wintry: bar bet
17 Buttonholed (James Torry): ring appears on shoelace
20 Fate (Bruce Elliott): Mentalism act
22 Hunkins' Hex (Carl Hunkins): ring on wand
25 On and off (Paul Curry): using your Spirit or Brema Nut
27 Elmsley's Puncture: movable hole on business card
30 A Hole in One (L Vosburgh Lyons): holes cut in four cards, and magician restores three
32 I 0 U (Steve Eskow): torn and restored bill
34 Ykcowrebbaj (R M Jamison): trick using semi-reversable letters
36 Suave Silk ( Paul Rosini): silks and knots

40 Coinjuring
40 Upsadaisy (Bob Hummer): coins penetrate up through the hand
42 The Clink Pass: sleight
45 In His Hands: coin appears in spectator's hands
47 Homing Eagle (JG Thompson): English Penny and Half Dollar transposition
48 The Rabbit's Head (Tom Fitzgerald): marked coin appears in handkerchief rabbit
50 Change, Please! (Lou Tannen): : bill in envelope is cut in two, but two half dollars drop out
51 Clear Gone!: coins vanish from glass
54 Sach's Sleight: coin vanish
56 Silken Vanish: impromptu coin vanish from handkerchief

58 Simon's Sorcery (Bill Simon)
58 Ten Fingers and a Silk (Bill Simon): silk and handkerchief routine
63 The Rising Coin and Climax (Bill Simon): coin rises from one hand to the other, with a wine glass climax
67 The Startling Four Coin Routine (Bill Simon): interlocked production of coins

72 Great New Card Magic
72 Tri-fly (Franklin V Taylor): 30 card trick
75 Click (Lee Noble): signed card found in card case
76 Monte (Bertram/Vernon): with NON-bent cards
78 Joker (Bruce Elliott): Joker reveals selection to second spectator
80 Al Baker's Best Card Trick: prediction counts to selection
82 Honeycutter (Al Hunnycutt): follow the leader
86 Lipop (Dr Daley): wrong card pops out of deck and is now right
89 It Can't Be! (Bruce Elliott): card changes identity while held by spectator
92 Peek! (Jean Irving): determining a peeked at card
94 The Time Formula (Clayton Rawson): time machine card trick

100 Curry's Card Conceptions (Paul Curry)
101 New View (Paul Curry): spectator returns card in new deck to proper order
102 One Down (Paul Curry): magician determines face up card
103 Do As I Do (Paul Curry): another Do As I Do card trick
104 The Perfect Miracle (Paul Curry): face down card finds selection
105 The Whispering Joker (Paul Curry): locator card trick
107 Just Think! (Paul Curry): misreading playing cards
108 Two Together (Paul Curry): two pile card matching
110 Super Stunt (Paul Curry): selection emerges from the deck

113 Tricked Telepathy
114 Two Minutes From Now (Paul Curry): Bridge Score Card prediction
116 Mindreading (Paul Curry): Red Card in Blue Deck is selected by specator
117 Thirteen Steps (Shaman): two person card telepathy
119 Concepts Never Die (Ray Hyman): new approach to message reading
122 Geomancy Of The Gods (George Armstrong): contents of envelope read through the sand
125 Cue It! (Elray): principle used for several effects in an act
127 Thrice Right! (Gerber): mathematical card prediction
129 Collected Thoughts (Al Baker): En Rapport with pad and paper
131 P$ychic Uncle Sam (E.E. Hammill): mathematical stunt
133 Cleromantic Chicanery (E. E. Hammill): dice prediction
135 Numerology (R.B. Edwards): stage bill serial number divination
137 Prescience (H.A. Adams): Predict a card and picture of a design
140 Hex Appeal (Hen Fetch and Cy Keller): movie star mental routine
142 Puzzle Of The Pages (Fred Peterson): predicting a word selected in a magazine
145 Forty-Thousand Words (Sid Lorraine): Dictionary book test

149 Small Magic You Can Make And Do
149 Penetro (Eric C Lewis): Glass penetrates a handkerchief
151 Back To Back (Bruce Elliott): clever matchbook gimmick to vanish a coin, etc.
153 The Die Is Cast (Bruce Elliott): selection revealed by matchbox (select values 1-6)
157 Matchless Pocket Trick (Mino): Spectator's matchbox vanishes
160 Teleportation (Bruce Elliott): of matches in a box
162 Matchless (Thayer): ball penetrates matchbox with a hole in it
165 Popper Upper (J.G. Thompson Jr. and Verne Chesbro): match and business card trick
169 Go Fish (Jaks): fishing line retrieves card selection
172 Po She Lo (Kolma and Bruce Elliott): Miniature snake basket
174 Poor Man's Snake Trick (Bruce Elliott): another use for the basket
176 The Impossible Television Frame (Kolma and Paul Draylin): television card frame trick on pocket scale
181 Purse Pastry (Greer Marechal): Baking a cupcake in a borrowed purse
185 Invisible Waiter (Jack Miller): glass of wine production and vanish
189 Papo-Leaso (Bob Hanko): signed paper loop is removed from a rope
192 Box Releas: as above, with a match box

193 Stage Magic You Can Make And Do
193 Levitation: handkerchief levitation (using a reel)
198 (B)Eerie (Wally Dean): vanishing glass on tray
201 Voodoo (Walter Gibson): Doll in case is stabbed with pins, to emerge unharmed
205 Rabbit Box: quick and easy production box
207 Combo: Ghost Tube and Tip-Over Box combination
210 Fire And Water: liquid vanishes in paper cornucopia, which is lit on fire
213 Glass-Go: vanishing full wine glass
215 Conjuror's Cube (Tom Sellers): another production box
217 Tube Of Plenty: silks from empty tube
219 "Black Magic" (L Vosburgh Lyons): a small-scale Black Art illusion
222 Houdini's Challenge: paper bag escape
225 Finale
227 Index
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From Magicpedia, courtesy of Genii Magazine:

Bruce Elliott (1914-1973) was an American writer who wrote mystery fiction, science fiction, television scriptwriter and magician. Elliott was the writer of 15 Shadow stories that appeared in "The Shadow Magazine" between 1946 and 1948. He was a contributor to the Jinx and co-founded the Phoenix with Walter B. Gibson. In November 1972, Elliott was hit by a taxi and lapsed into a coma. He died 4 months later.

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