The Table Book II - No Drapes!
Gloye, Dr. Eugene
Magic Inc. (1981)
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Gloye, Gene (Eugene): Table Book II No Drapes!
©1981 Magic, Inc.
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 35 pages



5 Introduction
6 General Advice
8 Transporting Folding Tables
9 Egg Crate Tables
9 Novel Black Art Table (Blackstone)
9 Thayer's Oriento Magic Table
11 Black Art Tops for Egg Crate Tables
13 Egg Crate Variations
14 Constructing Black Art Wells
16 Three Panel Folding Tables
18 Three Panel Designs
19 Easy to Make Side Stand

21 Gene Gloye Night Club Table
23 Night Club Table
24 Folding Four Leg Table
24 Easy to Make Four Leg Table
28 Histed Load Table
29 Deep Bin Table
33 Portable Table for Walk Around Work
35 Gene Gloye Publications
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