Hat & Hare Pub -- MT154.000
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Vintage Hat & Hare Pub -- MT154.000
Located in the Magic Castle

Complete set is 4 tokens Red, Yellow, Blue and Green

LOCATION: Glenwood, NY
OBV: "HAT & HARE PUB" in rectangle, rabbit & hat, above in circle.
REV: "Hat & Hare / Pub / 716-941-3438"
COMPOSITION: Rd Pl, GrPl, YGl, BPl Chips with gold ink. 40-S

Inside The Magic Castle, back up towards the front of the property, underneath where Irma the ghost plays any tune one can name on command, is the Hat and Hare Pub. A low, dim British-style bar, this is the place for in-the-know folks to catch a close-up show from bartender/magician Mike Pisciotta, who has been a part of the place for years. Bar limes disappear, real drinks are poured, and everyone has a great time.

Another side room of the Hat and Hare Pub offers spontaneous table magic for anyone who happens in at the right moment, while outside the warren of stone corridors keeps passersby guessing as well. Don’t forget to check out the collection of rabbit tchotchkes tucked in just about every cabinet, too.
Product Details
Personal Details
Read It No
Location Magic Library (Home)
Condition Very Fine
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Hat & Hare Pub magic token. On one side it features a rabbit coming out of a hat, and on the other side is listed the Hat & Hare Pub logo along with telephone number. It is listed in the Magic Token Guide - MT154.100.