The Magic 36
Houghton, William S.
Abbott Magic Novelty Co. (1943)
In Collection
Magic tricks
Houghton, William S.: The Magic 36
©1943 Abbott's Magic Company, Chicago, IL
Hardcover, 72 pages

Comments: Also available as part of the Abbott's Magic compilation "Bag O' Trix", edited by Gordon Miller.

3 Foreword (Percy Abbott)

5 The American Beauty Production
8 Variations for "Number Please"
10 Disposing of the Thumb Tip
12 Gimmick Exchanges
13 Thought Coincidence Again
14 Magazine Test Wrinkle
16 Thought Vision
17 Blue Pencil Book Test
20 Impromptu Name Duplication
21 Prediction Supreme
25 Mystic Slate Prediction
28 Wrinkle for Cards to Pockets
28 Book Test With Playing Card
30 Squash Routine
31 Coin in Bottle Routine
32 20th Century Silks Routine
33 Number Exchange Routine
34 Diachylon Number Exchange
36 Foolproof Number Prediction
38 Cigarette From Nowhere Variations
40 Finger Tip Silk Vanish and Routine
41 Comedy Thumb Tie Routine
42 Card in Envelope Routine
44 Coin Transposition Routine
46 Shell Coin Routine
47 Another Shell Coin Routine
49 Sponge Ball Routine
52 Paper Napkin Routine
55 Miracle Slate Routine
56 Billiard Ball Routine
59 Spirit Writing Wrinkle
60 Amazing Card Prediction
62 The Blackout Double Prophecy
63 Three Pellet Trick Perfected
65 Another Rope Trick
68 Rope Routine, Wrinkle, and Patter
71 Conclusion
72 List of Apparatus and Supplies For Effects Described Obtainable at Publishers
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