Card Manipulations - Vols. 1 & 2
Jean Hugard
Max Holden
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Card tricks
USA  eng
Hugard, Jean: Card Manipulations Series No. 1 and 2
©1934 Max Holden, NY
©1940 Max Holden, NY
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 44 pages
Also published by Louis Tannen, NY

Comments: Later compiled into a single volume

Contents (from book ToC):
2 Card Manipulations - No. 1

2 The One Hand Top Card Palm
2 The Hindu Shuffle or Running Cut
3 The Hindu Shuffle as a Substitute for the Pass
4 And yet again - The Rising Cards
6 An Easy Substitute for the Pass
7 Relativity and Cards
10 The Burglars - A Story Trick
13 The Burglars - A Second Version
13 The Modern Dovetail Shuffle
16 Just once more - The Aces
17 Thoughts Anticipated
19 A New Certain Force
20 The Boomerang Card

22 Card Manipulations - No. 2

22 The Double Lift
24 The Novel Reverse Discovery
25 Invisible Transit
25 The Hand to Hand Palm Change
26 The Homing Belles
29 A Baffling Spell

31 Color Changes
31 The Hinge Change
33 The Book Change
33 A Spectator Does It
34 In Reverse
36 Patter Suggestions

37 Cards From The Air
37 The Best Front Hand Production (Single Cards)
38 Second Method

39 The Arm Spread Flourishes
39 The Spread and Turn-Over
39 Variations
40 The Glide
40 The Back Arm Reverse
40 The Upright Spread
41 The Elbow Catch
41 The Turn-Over and Right Hand Catch
42 The Back Arm Catch
42 Vanish of Pack
42 The Half Turn-Over and Catch
43 The One Hand Catch
43 The Hat Catch
44 A Routine for Arm Spreads
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Jean Hugard

Born in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. Stage and pen name of John Gerard Rodney Boyce, originally aka 'Jean Hugarde', later aka 'Chin Sun Loo'. Inspired in 1880 seeing Haselmayer show. Learned a week later reading Robert-Houdin's Secrets of Magic, then Hoffmann's Modern Magic. Debut in 1896. Pro since 1900. Moved to USA in 1916, working vaude 1916-18 and in own magic theater in Luna Park (at Coney Island) 1919-29 when retired in Brooklyn to write and edit magic. Named 4th SAM Dean of Magicians in 1951. SAM Hall of Fame.