Thimble Magic
Jean Hugard
Max Holden (1936)
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Thimble Magic by Jean Hugard
©1936, Max Holden
Paper, Stapled, 44 pages

Thimble Magic by Jean Hugard, warmly inscribed, 1936 1st edition

In this booklet Hugard teaches all the moves and quite a few routines to build your own thimble act. One of the big advantages of thimbles is that they are easier to manipulate than other objects such as balls and coins.

1st edition, 1936 Max Holden, New York; 46 pages

3. Chapter 1: The Thimbles
9. Chapter 2: Advanced Sleights
22. Chapter 3: The First Thimble
28. Chapter 4: Flourishes
29. Chapter 5: Thimble Through Silk
31. Chapter 6: Color Changes
34. Chapter 7: Various Routines
39. Chapter 8: A la Miser's Dream
42. Chapter 9: Production and Vanish of Four Thimbles
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Extras Author autograph
No. of Pages 44
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