Magic Tricks - (formerly, The Puffin Book of Magic)
Hunter, Norman
Penguin Books (1972)
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Magic tricks
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Hunter, Norman: Magic Tricks
©1968 Norman Hunter, Penguin Books, England (formerly, The Puffin Book of Magic)
©1972 Norman Hunter, Penguin Books, England
Softcover, perfect-bound, 5.5x8.5", 128 pages

Comments: Originally published as The Puffin Book of Magic. Illustrations by Jill McDonald.While a book for beginners, this one has some excellent tricks beyond the ordinary.
Contents (from book):

9 Helpful Hints And Awful Warnings

13 Tricks With Ordinary Things
15 Cutting A Girl In Two: with a rope
18 Making A Puffin: paper pieces on a sheet of paper form into a picture
21 Change Please: a coin is made into change in a folded paper
23 Visiting Day: a simple cups and balls routine with paper balls and saucers
27 A Royal Holiday: gimmick card trick
30 Eyes In Your Fingers: magician pulls selected cards out of the hat
33 Find The Card: Spectator two pulls spectator one's card selection out of his pocket
37 The Obedient Card: card selection appears at chosen position in the deck
39 Radio Post: two cards visually selected by spectators vanish from half the deck to appear in the other half
44 Silk From Nowhere: three methods of producing a silk
47 Silk Soup: handkerchief vanishes and appears under a saucer
50 Wild Animals: a picture of a shouted out wild animal appears in a photo frame
55 Making Time Fly: borrowed watch vanishes but is recovered
61 Broken Biscuits: broken and restored cookie!
65 Tricks With Special Things And How To Make The Things
67 Conjurer’s Handy Box: for getting and disposing of props
69 Aunt Jane’s Knitting Bag: a color changing "gag bag"
74 The Handkerchief Changes Colour
77 The Magic Chalk: Writes in colors
80 A Good First Trick: an opener wand from purse
83 Confetti Squash: confetti to Lemonade
86 Magic Flowers, A Professor Branestawm Sort Of Trick: pictures of flowers turn into baskets of flowers
94 The Escaping Handkerchief: silk escapes from plastic tumbler from which you've taken a drink
96 A Chinese Sort Of Story: a stage act with Chinese shop banners that re-appear
104 The Candle Of Ho Wat Fun: while it appears that tea, rice and a silk are moved to new boxes, they return
108 Tew Tewbes: silk production from apparently empty tubes
113 Special Magic For Weeny Wizards And Fuddle-fingers
114 Almost Self Working Tricks
115 Flying Papers: selected color paper vanishes and flies across the room
117 Curious Clips: paper clips multiply as they are dumped in a container
119 A Thought-Reading Trick: using a confederate
121 The Vanishing Sixpence: a simple coin vanish
123 Group Magic
125 Putting Together a Magic Show

Illustrator Jill McDonald
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