Ireland's Year Book 1947
Ireland, Laurie L.
Ireland Magic Co. (1947)
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Magic tricks
Softcover stapled 
USA  eng
Ireland, Laurie L. (editor): Ireland's Year Book 1947
©1947 Ireland Magic Co., Chicago, IL
Softcover stapled, 8.5x11", 38 pages

Comments: Edited by Frances and Jay Marshall. Laurie Ireland produced a yearly book of magic called the Ireland Yearbook, starting in 1934 and later continued by Frances and Jay Marshall.
These were later compiled into three volumes, covering a total of years 1934 to 1970.
This second collection of Year-Books, volume 2 includes years 1951 through 1960.
Most art work by Dr. Eugene Gloye and Nelson Hahne.


3. Tying & Untying Knots Without Letting Go of the Ends
5. New & Improved Ink, Handkerchief & Turnip Trick (Carlton King)
8. A Checker Mystery
10. Carlton King's Rabbit Box
11. Ice Cream Cone Production (Bert Douglas)
12. A Dollar Bill in Candle Effect
15. Nelson's Candle Trick (Arthur C. Nelson)
17. Bossie Cow
18. The Shrinking Glass of Milk
19. Words & Music (George Anderson)
20. The Jack Yeager Thumb Tie Trick
21. The N.E. Book Test (James Auer)
22. Three Linked Discoveries (James Auer): cards
23. Triple Climax to Cups & Balls (M.E. Faber)
24. The Stripper Combine (Ed Marlo)
26. Impromptu Method
27. Glendi's Mental Photography - The Dream Photograph
28. Magic in Milk Containers (Gene Gloye)
28. A Gag I Call "As You Wish, Sir!"
30. The Milk Man Has a Hard Time
30. Passe Passe Bottle with a Milk Bottle
32. A Gag and Hat Load All in One
32. Very Best Cake in Hat
34. Dove Bottle Ala Milk Carton
34. A Lota Effect
34. Topsy Turvy Bottle
34. Perfect Passing Glass of Milk
36. Thimble Box
36. Clock Dial Card Prediction (William S. Groom)
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