Second Time Around
Roy Johnson
Goodliffe (1971)
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Magic tricks
Great Britain  English
Johnson, Roy: Second Time Around
©1971 A Goodliffe Publication
Hardbound, 84 pages

Comments (Zigby7): A selection of practical, entertaining magic designed for the stage or cabaret, close-up or off-the-cuff impromptu occasions. He covers cards, how to build a magic table, a terrific sponge ball routine, coin routine, a great hanky routine, etc. Roy makes his magic entertaining, not just a puzzle and he shows you how. Illustrated by Dennis


i Introduction (Jon Racherbaumer)

1 Chapter 1 Ostin-Tatious
6 Chapter 2 Burst
11 Chapter 3 Hypno-Hank
15 Chapter 4 The Duplicator Button
21 Chapter 5 Flap Finesse
23 Chapter 6 Spot
27 Chapter 7 Sponges
35 Chapter 8 Un-Worldly
39 Chapter 9 The Schmuck Prediction
43 Chapter 10 Telegram Surprise
45 Chapter 11 Pop Goes The...
49 Chapter 12 The Spotted Can
53 Chapter 13 On the Slate
61 Chapter 14 The Ultimate Key
71 Chapter 15 Suitcase Table
75 Chapter 16 Jon's Gem

84 Yours Sincerely (Roy Johnson)
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