Finn Jon's Invisible Elastic Thread
Jon, Finn
Georges Proust (1987)
In Collection
Magic tricks
Softcover, perfect-bound 
France  eng
Jon, Finn: Finn Jon's Invisible Elastic Thread
©1987 Georges Proust, France
Softcover, Perfect-bound, 51 pages

Comments: Illustrated book on IT.


1 Chapter One the Small Loop
1 The Small Loop
5 Load of the Thread
6 The Floating Bill
8 The Jumping Bill
9 Cigarette or Sponge Ball Levitation
12 Different Ways of Stretching the Loop
13 The Ball and the Ring
18 Special Move
19 Floating a Ball With The Special Move
20 Juggling With Two Soap Bubbles
21 The Floating Cigarette
23 The Use of the Double Loop
24 The Dancing Bubble

26 Chapter Two The Large Loop
26 The Large Loop
29 The Wonderful Little Ball
32 With a Spectator
33 The Dancing Rubber Band
35 Levitation in the Spectator's Hand
36 The PSI Touch
37 The Loaded Envelope
38 The Bill In the Envelope

41 Chapter Three The Prop-Pen
41 The Prop-Pen
42 The Boomerang Card
44 The Animated Card
45 Floating and Animated Objects
46 The Dancing Wedding-Ring
47 The Jumping Flea

48 Chapter Four Ideas
48 Pocket-Load
49 The James Hodges' Position
50 Finn Jon's Spider Web
51 Unlimited List of Floating Objects
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