Body Loading and Productions
Joseph, Eddie
Abbott Magic Manufacturing Co (1950)
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Joseph, Eddie: The Art of Body Loading & Productions
©1950 Abbott's Magic Novelty Co., MI
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 63 pages

Comments: "The first comprehensive work on the subject detailing every phase of Body Loading and Productions as used by the author for quarter of a century."


7 Introduction
9 Theoretically Speaking
12 Articles for Productions
16 Defining the Technique
20 Methods of Concealment
21 - Personal Concealments
21 - Prop Concealments
23 Practicing the Technique
24 - Loading Into Outer Coat Pocket
25 - Loading Under Coat (Five Methods)
29 - Loading Outer Breast Pocket (Five Methods)
31 - Loading Inner Breast Pocket
31 - Loading Behind Coat Collar (Five Methods)
33 - Loading Into Sleeve
34 - Loading Into Hip Pocket (Three Methods)
35 - Loading Inside Shirt Front (Two Methods)
38 - Loading Under Trouser Cuff
39 Body Loading in Operation
40 Body Productions for Nite Clubs
43 Body Productions for Stage or Platform
48 - Glass and Orange
49 - The Cotton Mill
50 - Tumbler of Wine from Collar
50 - Productions of Rubber Goods
52 - Money, Money Everywhere
53 - Umbrella from Coat Cottar
53 - Stick from Trouser Cuff
53 - Eggs from Pocket
54 - Playing Cards from Sleeve
54 - Live Banana in Auditorium
55 - Production from Outside Collar
55 - The Vanishing Wand
56 - Two Good Reasons
57 - The Shower of Rice
57 - Livestock Productions
57 - Cinderellas Show
57 - Cage and Canary
58 - A Full Bottle of Beer from Under Coat
59 Stooges and Subterfuges

Art of Body Loading - Eddie Joseph - 64 page booklet covering body loading and productions. Covers articles for production; methods of concealment; body productions for night clubs; and more.


This is a soft cover A4 size 35 page book with 9 chapters plus the introduction.
One of the favourite effects of the Master Magician David Devant was to produce a live rabbit from under a spectator's coat. The effect had tremendous potential, and Eddie Joseph first wrote the definite treatise on the subject.

This is a very detailed and elaborate treatise, covering the complete art of producing items from all parts of a volunteering spectator's body ranging from apparel like nylon stockings and underwear, through cards, coins and currency notes, to items like beer bottles, canes, fruit and even live stock like doves and rabbits.

Eddie Joseph has written with detailed descriptions and examples various techniques, methods of concealment, loading, and production under all possible performing conditions. This is a valuable book for performers interested in this branch of magic.
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No. of Pages 64
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Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Eddie Joseph
(3 Dec 1899 - 1 Jun 1974)

Born in Calcutta, India and of English parentage. Aka "Eddie Jason". Inspired at age 12 seeing Nicola show. Businessman in Calcutta & Bombay and semi-pro magician since age 18 (c1917) to 1945 when turned full-time pro. 1947 Sphinx Award. Edited the 8 issues of "The Magical Digest" (Bombay) 1947-48. Later moved to England, working for Max Andrews. Died in London.