100% Sankey
Kaufman, Richard
Kaufman and Company (2009)
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Magic tricks
United States of America  eng
Kaufman, Richard: 100% Sankey
©1990, Richard Kaufman and Alan Greenberg
Hardcover, w/dj, 86 pages

Comments: Sankey and Kaufman team up to produce another winner. This book has a nice variety of effects. From gum to spoons to cards to coins there is something for everyone here. There is some filler but the strong effects more than make up for it.


9 Definitely Warped: Card Warp with one card.
13 Wild Thing: “Jumping Gems” with a playing card.
16 Going for Broke: Broken and restored spoon.
18 The Mexican Jumping Coins: Coins travel.
23 Exodus: Vanish of salt or sugar.
25 Cut and Restrawed: A straw is cut and restored.
27 Trio: Signed selection appears between two stapled cards.
32 Maaatchbox: A matchbox drawer and matches stretch.
34 The Company One Keeps
36 “#*@!”: AKA: Paperclipped.
39 A Fold in Time
42 Fiery Reunion: Burning, broken and restored match.
43 Dough: Pencil through bill effect.
47 Balancing Act: Oriental Characters appear on blank chopsticks.
49 Breakout
52 Wrap It Up: Chewed and restored gum.
55 Identifying Features: Two bills transpose.
56 High Hoe: Matrix with dice.
59 Ring Around the Collar: Ring vanishes to later appear knotted on a tie.
61 Quartertime: A two dollar bill produces four quarters then changes in a one dollar bill.
62 A Business Transaction:
64 Outside In:
67 Tying the Knot
69 Spookey: Keys unlink and re-link to a key ring.
71 Mass Consumption
75 Where There’s Smoke
78 Homebodies
81 The Magi’s Gift
83 Stirring Silver: Great spoon through ring effect
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No. of Pages 86
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