Picture Yourself as a Magician - Step-by-Step Instruction for the Street, Stage,
Kawamoto, Wayne N.
Course Technology (2008)
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Magic, Magic tricks
Paperback 9781598634990
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Kawamoto, Wayne N.: Picture Yourself as a Magician
©2008 Course Technology
Softcover, 352 pages
ISBN-10 1598634992
ISBN-13 9781598634990

Table Of Content:

1: The Art of Magic
2: Easy Tricks
3: Baisic Card Handling
4: Basic Sleight-of-Hand with Cards
5: Great Card Tricks
6: Trick Decks
7: Close-Up Magic
8: Mind Reading and Future Predictions
9: Stand-up and Stage Magic
10: Magic for the Street
11: Party Magic
12: Levitation
13: Electronic Magic with iPods and More
14: The Art of Performing Magic

A: The World's Best Card Trick
B: Picture Yourself as a Magician 2
C: The Clock
D: The Mind Reader
E: Magic Resources
F: Artwork for "The Missing Pip" from Chapter 9



Picture yourself astonishing your friends as you dazzle them with classic card tricks, mystifying coin routines, mind-reading magic, a levitation of yourself, escapes, tricks with your iPod, and more. "Picture Yourself as a Magician: Step-by-Step Instruction for the Street, Stage, Parties, Card Table, and More" is the perfect introductory book to entertaining yet simple magic tricks and techniques that will leave your audience marveled and amused. Written using clear step-by-step instructions along with full-color photographs to demonstrate each new skill and trick taught, the book will help beginners establish a foundation in basic magic. "Picture Yourself as a Magician" features the same high-impact magic tricks performed by professionals but adapted for novices. Tips from the pros will help you hone your craft and develop your magic act. The accompanying DVD with live demonstrations and lessons on many of the tricks and techniques taught in the book will help you along the way. Get ready to wow your friends and family as you share the gift of magic with them.
Picture yourself at the center of a gathering and entertaining your friends and family with the wonders of magic. See yourself performing street magic miracles, vanishing objects in your hands or dealing a royal flush with your card skills. If you've always wanted to learn and perform the mysterious art of magic, "Picture Yourself as a Magician offers instruction on magic for the street, card table, stage, or close-up. You'll also learn to read minds and execute escapes. The accompanying DVD offers 90 minutes of demonstrations and instructions to supplement the book. With this book, you'll soon be wowing and entertaining your friends and family.
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