Klosterman, Kenneth -- MT201.100 - (Brass)
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Klosterman, Kenneth -- MT201.100

LOCATION: Loveland, OH
DATE: 1993
OBV: "KENNETH KLOSTERMAN / DE MAGIE", around bust of Klosterman to the left, ball and vase on left, crystal casket to right
REV: Right hand, with ruffled sleeve, holding a fan of cards
COMPOSITION: Br=250, Al=?, Sil=25, Gd=5. Medal St. 39-S

Edge of silver and brass tokens are numbered. Edge of brass token is also inscribed, "MCA CINTL., 0 1993". Is there a similar inscription on the silver tokens? Kenna Thompson, who worked for Ken Klosterman, heard directly from Klosterman just a few days after the tokens were made, how many of the silver and gold tokens were made. We don't have numbers on the aluminum or brass (the highest serial number Randy has seen on the edge of a brass is 249), but there were definitely 25 of the silver made, and 5 of the solid gold. The brass tokens were provided, one to a family, to attendees of the Magic Collectors Weekend in Cincinnati in 1993
Product Details
Personal Details
Read It No
Location Magic Library (Home)
Condition Very Fine
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Salon de Magie
By Ken Klosterman, with Gabe Fajuri

After over 30 years of collecting, Ken Klosterman offers a rare look into what has made his collection, The Salon de Magie, a legend within the inner circles of magic and collecting.

Housed 83 feet beneath the surface of the Earth in an abandoned mine, the Salon de Magie is home to some of the finest pieces in the history of magic. Robert-Houdin, Hofzinser, Herrmann, Kellar, Houdini, Germain, and dozens more of the greatest magicians in history.


Ken Klosterman
Born 1933

Ken Klosterman (b. 1933) lives near Cincinnati, Ohio. His collection, the "Salon De Magie", focuses upon apparatus, but also includes extensive collections of posters, books, and ephemera.[1]


The core of the collection is housed 83 feet beneath his home in an abandoned mine. More information may be found at

The Salon de Magie

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