Spooky Magic - The Floating Body
Kettlekamp, William
Scholastic (1973)
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Magic tricks
Paperback B000ULR1SI
USA  eng
Kettlekamp, William: Spooky Magic
©1955 Larry Kettlekamp
©1958 TAB Books
©1973 Scholastic
Paper, perfect-bound, 64 pages

Comments: A nice kid's book on "spirit" magic. These older books actually (often) told the children HOW to make a magic presentation and were usually more than just a bunch of tricks.


3 The Invisible Flea: lands on a paper with a loud 'pop'
8 The Spirit Hand: even though performer's both hands are occupied, spectator feels a 'spirit' hand tap him
11 The Clinging Glasses: A handkerchief is wrapped around a book and two glass tumblers are placed on the book and the whole thing turned upside down without the glasses falling
16 Ghost Writing: messages appear on blank paper
21 Tricks With Black Thread: tips
23 - The Spooky Silk: unties itself from a knot
28 - The Wandering Ring: finger ring move up, sideways, and flies off a wand and can be examined
33 - The Magnetic Wand: not the old "wand sticks to the hand", but a more advanced use of thread
38 The Spirit In the Bottle: lifting a bottle with a rope
43 The Disappearing Water: water vanishes from a cup in a strange fashion
47 The Rising Card Table: a table seems to move on its own even though performer's hands and feet are accounted for
50 Tricks for a Larger Audience:
53 - The Mysterious Card: a chosen card is mysteriously revealed in the dark
58 - The Floating Body: a clever levitation effect suitable for young audience

Illustrator William Meyerriecks
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