Korem Without Limits - Sleight of Hand Magic
Korem, Danny
D. Robbins & Co (1985)
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Magic tricks
USA  eng
Korem, Danny & Stephen Minch (editor): Korem Without Limits
©1985 D. Robbins & Co., Inc., NY
Hardcover, w/dj, 182 pages

Comments: Brad Monaghen, Photographer.

Contents (from book ToC):

1 Introduction

5 Coins
5 Impossible Coin Catch
10 See Thru Coin Revelation
15 Jumping Shuttle Pass
18 Little Cheat Coin Vanish
21 "Irish Press" Coin through Hank
26 Revolving Imp Coin Exchange
32 Putting the Move on Roth
38 Third Beat Matrix

47 Stand-Up
47 The Art of Stand-up
52 New Wave Chop Cup
65 Distant Passage Coins in Glass
76 Without a Net!
78 Malini on Stage

92 Ropes
92 Three Round Ringer
104 French Cut Restoration
107 Figure-Eight for Connoisseurs
110 The Pluck Knot

115 Hand-Held Healers
115 Tactile Healer
120 Solo Card Restoration
128 A Short Digit on Display

135 Mind Meddlers
135 Love is a Trick-The Case of James Hydrick

141 Cards
141 The Acrobatic Haunted Card
147 For the Cardician's Game
152 The Omni Deck
156 Signa-Wild Reset
167 Dallas Drop
170 The Korem Deck Switch

181 Epilogue

From the flyleaf, "Korem Without Limits is an assemblage of effects and ideas which will stimulate the imaginative mind to create without limitations." Over 25 detailed tricks, 400+ photographs. Includes tricks with coins, ropes, cards, etc. A very clear presentation makes this an excellent book to learn from. Each trick has many photos and detailed explanations. A great find for a magician looking to add to his arsenal.

Item was from the private collection of magician Jay Marshall.
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