The Book of Modern Conjuring
Kunard, Professor R.
Charles Scribner's Sons (1911)
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Magic tricks
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Kunard, Projessor R: The Book of Modern Conjuring
©1890 Bazaar Exchange and Mart Office, U.K.
©1911 Charles Scribner's Sons
Hardbound, 225 pages

Abooks Price Range 60.00 - 85.00

Contents (Chapters Only, numbers are not page numbers):

1 Introduction
2 Dress, Table, Wand, Apparatus and Stage
3 Tricks with Handkerchiefs
4 Palming, Passing and Changing Coins, Rings, and Small Articles
5 Tricks with Coins Not Requiring Apparatus
6 Coin Tricks Requiring Apparatus
7 Tricks With Cups and Balls
8 Tricks With Rings
9 Tricks With Hats
10 Tricks With Watches
11 Tricks With Dice and Dominoes
12 Tricks With Electricity
13 Miscellaneous Tricks
14 Spiritualism and Mesmerism
Product Details
No. of Pages 216
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Read It No
Location Magic Library (Home) Shelf O
Condition Very Good
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
This hardcover book is 216 pages long, plus a 16 page "Catalogue of Practical Handbooks" at the rear. Features a variety of entertaining and clever tricks with coins, cups and balls, handkerchiefs, electricity, watches, hats, dice, and other miscellaneous items. Also includes chapters on "Spiritualism and Mesmerism", "Dress, Table, Wand, Apparatus, and Stage", etc. Includes 133 black and white illustrations! Book features a lovely pictorial cover. Binding and hinges are tight. The covers and spine are lightly rubbed, with a few small chips to the corners and along the cover edges. There is only very light fraying to the top spine end. There are no loose, torn or missing pages that I saw. The interior is clean, with the exception of a private library sticker on the inside front cover, an old 1911 previous owner signature on the 1st blank page, and very faint yellowing to the interior page edges as a natural result of ageing. Overall, book is in VERY GOOD condition! As with any book this old, some ageing and minor imperfections should be expected.