Help Yourself
Lane, Frank
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Magic tricks
USA  eng
Lane, Frank: Help Yourself
©1931 Frank Lane, Boston, MA
Hardcover, no DJ, 97 pages


Contents (compiled/sorted from Book Index):
1 Introduction
6 My Life Story
11 A Different Opening
11 Another Novelty Opening
13 Glass of Water Through the Hat
16 A Lesson in Cards
17 Patter For Silver Boxes and Ball of Wool
20 Mephisto Coin Cup
20 My Way of Using The Mephisto Coin Cup
21 A Marvellous Disappearance: handkerchief & card
22 An Original Location
24 A Comedy Finish
26 Lindbergh, the Biggest Ace of Them All
28 The Fastest Spelling Trick
29 The Restored Table Balloon
31 Patter For the Passe Bottles
34 The Poker Medley
36 Patter For Grant’s Rope Trick
38 A Changing Billiard Ball
38 Little Ideas With Big Laughs
38 A Funny Slate Trick
38 The Smoke Trick
39 The Color Changing Handkerchief
40 A Handkerchief Gag
40 To Use Anywhere: gag
41 Have a Small American Flag: gag
41 Have Another Laugh: gag
41 If Someone Bothers You: gag
41 If You Drop Something: gag
42 A Combination Card and Handkerchief Trick
43 Page Si Stebbins
45 Just Another Card Trick
46 Patter For Billiard Ball Trick
49 Patter For Torn and Restored Newspaper
50 Why Sir Basil Committed Suicide: handkerchief
51 Patter For Why Sir Basil Committed Suicide
55 Coin Trick, A Funny Feeling
57 A Fool-Proof Trick: cards
59 Frank Lane’s Poker Deal
60 Sucker Egg and Handkerchief Trick
60 Patter For the Sucker Kgg and Handkerchief Trick
63 Patter For the Miser’s Dream
65 A Red and Blue Effect: cards
67 Lemon Trick
70 Candle Tubes and Handkerchief
71 A Crazy Card Trick
75 Patter For Card in Egg Trick
77 Call for Any Drink
77 Patter For Call for Any Drink
79 Who Wants Gags?
80 Handkerchiefs: gags
81 Gags For Comedy Mind-Reading Act
81 If a Spectator Keeps Butting In: gag
81 Opening for Magic Act
81 Gag for Wise Guy
82 Here's An Idea: gag
82 Magic Awl Gag
82 To Work With a Kid: gag
83 Patter For the Melted Quarter Trick
84 Patter For the Sympathetic Silks
85 Another Poker Deal
87 A New Force
87 Ideas to Use Witty Cards
87 Regards To Anneman: cards
88 A New Simple Reverse
89 A Good Location
89 A New Baffling Location
91 A Good False Cut
92 Cards
94 The Coat Button
95 Some Advice on Cards

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This 97 page book, features a variety of tricks, gags and patter for use with cards, handkerchiefs, coins, billiard balls, and more! Also contains a brief section entitled "My Life Story".

SIGNED by Robert K. Weill

Hard cover magic book, Help Yourself, published & written by Frank Lane, Boston, Mass, 1931. This is a gathering of patter, bits of business, and routines for some standard effect.

From Magicpedia, courtesy of Genii Magazine:

Frank Lane (1896 - 1987) was a dealer and the editor of Funny Talk (1938 - 1942).

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DATE: 1931
SIZE: 5 by 7 1/2 inches, 99 pages, plus hard blue cloth covers.
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No. of Pages 97
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Read It No
Location Magic Library (Home) Shelf O
Condition Very Good
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor