A Real Book Aout Magic - [Illust. By Jessie Robinson]
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Magic tricks
USA  English
Leeming, Joseph: A Real Book About Magic
Part of the Real Book Series
©1951 Franklin Watts, Inc.; Published by Garden City Books
Hardcover, 190 Pages
ISBN 9780486455556 (Dover reprint)

Comments: Teaches some great principles of magic. Part of "A Real Book About..." series of children's books.
Was reprinted by Dover Publications in 2008 as "Easy Magic Tricks"


5 Contents

11 Chapter 1 - Magic with Rings
12 The Ring Magically Knotted to a String: finger ring
13 The Magically Released Rings: several on a string
14 Instantaneous Ring Release: a bracelet ring falls of a string held by spectators
15 The Ring on the String: tied between the wrists
16 The Flying Ring: ring vanishes and is found on a finger
18 The Ring and Pencil Trick: ring vanishes from handkerchief and onto a pencil
21 The Mysterious Moving Ring: ring instantly jumps off the finger
22 The Mysto Ring Flight: Ring vanishes from pencil and is found in an envelope
24 Rubbing a Ring Onto a Pencil: per the title.
26 Instantaneous Flight: a simple version of Ring Flight (no wallet)

28 Chapter 2 - Impromptu Coin Tricks
28 The Multiplying Penny: one penny becomes two in the hand
29 Paper-Wrapped Coin Vanish: coin fold
30 The Flying Coins: two coins change places under handkerchiefs
32 Rubbing a Coin into Invisibility: after an accidental drop
33 The Traveling Coins: coins instantly transpose in two match-boxes (not really impromptu)
35 The Coin In the Glass: coin is heard dropping into glass but vanishes none-the-less
36 The Tapping Pencil Coin Trick: hand with coin is tapped and coin vanishes, tapped again and it reappears
38 Multiplying Pennies: coins passed from hand to hand multiply
39 The Coins in the Hat: magician finds marked coin in a hat
40 The Coin in the Sleeve: coin vanishes in the sleeve

42 Chapter 3 - Coin Tricks Requiring Simple Apparatus
42 The Handkerchief Coin Vanish: coin vanishes from under hanky
43 The Money Box: coin multiplies in secret box
44 The Coin in the Orange: coin found in sliced Orange
45 The Paper Cone and Coin: coin is vanished and found in paper cone
46 The Coin in the Handkerchief: coin vanishes from envelope and is found in handkerchief
49 Fingertip Coin Magic: magician removes coins as dates are named
50 The Mysto Coin Vanish: coin vanishes from under handkerchief (accomplice)
51 Flight of a Coin into Sealed Envelopes: penny vanishes and is found in nested envelopes
53 Penny In Envelope: blindfolded magician finds envelope with selected penny
54 Coin's Flight into Envelope in Sealed Boxes: NOT the coin slide version

58 Chapter 4 - Mathematical Magic
58 Lightning Addition: magician rapidly adds up number written by audience and himself
59 The Canceled Number: magician determines which number was removed
60 The Telepathic Tool: magician determines math solution
61 Birthday Magic: mathematical method of determining birthday
62 Important Dates: magician predicts math total
63 Counting to One Hundred: magician always wins this game
64 Telling a Number Thought Of: mathematical
64 All Alike: answer contains only the thought of numbers
65 The Number in the Envelope: number in envelope matches audience total
67 The Telephone Book Test: magician predicts name selected by math formula

69 Chapter 5 - Magic with Handkerchiefs
69 Handkerchief from Nowhere: from the empty hands
71 Vanishing a Handkerchief: how to make a pull
73 The Color-Changing Handkerchief: with a simple device
74 The Handkerchief Dye Tube: explained
76 Flying Handkerchiefs: vanishing and reappearing
77 The Silk in the Apple: silk vanishes from nested envelopes to be found in an apple
79 Twentieth-Century Silks: Red and Greek silk tied, white silk vanishes and is found tied between the others
81 The Penetrating Silk: silk seems to penetrate a bandanna tied over a glass
84 The Vanishing Knots: from handkerchiefs in tube

86 Chapter 6 - More Magic With Handkerchiefs
86 The Rising Handkerchief: stands stiff
87 The Knot from Nowhere: impromptu knot
88 The Knot That Won't Stay Tied: knot vanishes when pulled
89 The Burned and Restored Handkerchief: no duplicate
91 The Dissolving Knots: instant

93 Chapter 7 - Magic With String
93 Your Nose Knows: pull string through finger
94 Ring on a String: ring removed from string without taking string from spectator's fingers
95 The String in the Buttonhole: string pulled right through buttonhole
97 Threading the Needle: string passes through loop without letting go
98 Instantaneous Knot Vanish: in bottom of loop
99 Thumb and Finger Cord Release: spectator can't duplicate
101 The Cut and Restored String: string does grow a little shorter in this method
103 The Thumb Tie: instant release
104 The String in the Straw: even though straw is cut, string is undamaged

106 Chapter 8 - Magic with Ropes
106 Cut and Restored Rope: loop cut and restored
108 The Magic Knots: appear on a rope
110 Handkerchief and Ropes: ropes pass through tube, yet tube removed
112 Cutting a Person in Two with Ropes: ropes pass through body
114 The Knotted Loop: knot appears in a loop
115 The Tartar Rope Escape: a rope escape
116 The Neck and Wrist Rope Tie: another escape
117 Two Instantaneous Knots: in long rope
118 The Stretching Rope: short rope becomes long
120 The Excelsior Rope Tie: Strange things happen even though tied

122 Chapter 9 - Mind Reading Magic
122 The Best Impromptu Mind Reading Trick: magician determines what's written in a circle
123 Dictionary or Book Mind Reading: assistant repeats sentence selected by spectator
124 Miracle Mind Reading: magician reveals burnt message
126 The Chosen Number: temple reading
127 Which Object? with accomplice
128 The Chosen Card: another accomplice effect
129 Famous Names: Magician correctly guesses name selected from a hat
130 Book Mindreading: with blindfolded assistant
131 Dollar Bill Mind Reading: serial number reading with a confederate (no talking)
133 Diabolo Dictionary Trick: numbers reveal a dictionary page and word which is predicted by magician

135 Chapter 10 - Magic With Dice
135 Dice Divination: mathematical trick
136 Magnetic Dice: two dice lifted by holding only one
137 Naming Unseen Die Spots: principle not known by many
137 The Dice in the Glass: using principle above
138 Dice Mathemagic: magician determines mathematical total

140 Chapter 11 - Magic with Matches and Matchboxes
140 Lightning Match Vanish: as it is thrown in the air
141 Two From One: instant match doubling
141 Sawing Through a Matchbox: card "saws" through box yet drawer can be slid
143 The Mystic Broken Match: two in the hand, one in the pocket with matches
144 The Match in the Handkerchief: broken and restored match stick
145 The Pencil from the Matchbox: long pencil from short matchbox
146 Flying Matches: matches vanish from an examined match book and appear in pocket
147 Disappearing Matches: similar to above, but with a match box
148 Matches from Nowhere: Matches torn from match book instantly return

150 Chapter 12 - Thimble Magic (most don't need descriptions)
150 The Disappearing Thimble: from fingertip
151 Passing a Thimble Through the Knees
152 The Flying Thimble: with a cleverly gimmicked thimble
153 Passing a Thimble Through a Handkerchief
155 The Color Changing Thimble
156 Thimble Production from a Paper Cone
157 The Multiplying Thimble: one to four
158 From Red to Blue: quick change
160 Thimble and Handkerchief: thimble - handkerchief - finger; hanky is pulled out still leaving the thimble
160 Thimble and Paper Cone Finale: nice routine for nested thimbles

163 Chapter 13 - Dinner Table Magic
163 The Wandering Bread Pellets: pellets from rolled up bread vanish, transpose, etc.
164 Pellets From Hand to Hand: vanishes from magicians hand and joins pellet in spectator's hand
166 Vanishing Matches: matches vanish from inside a handkerchief
167 The Midas Dinner Roll: money found inside
168 The Impromptu Drinking Cup: use for a TT
169 The Burning Lump of Sugar: how to
170 The Mysterious Fruit Seed: raises and lowers on command in water
171 Pulling a Napkin Through a Table Knife: seems to pass right through
172 The Drinking Glass Vanish: through table
174 Drinking Glass Levitation: sticks to hand

175 Stunts to Fool Your Friends
175 Odd or Even Serial Numbers: magician tells if Dollar Bill Serial numbers even or odd even though covered
175 Reverse Shift: penny puzzle
176 All Together: a coin puzzle
177 Coin Shifting: another puzzle
178 Penny Jumping: puzzle
178 Some Knot: Tie a knot without letting go of the ends of a handkerchief
179 Match This One: a clever bet
180 Pennies and Pencils: puzzle
180 Next Higher Number: a math gag
181 Paper Tearing: spectator can't tear middle of paper
182 Penny Rows: puzzle
182 A Ten Penny Stunt: puzzle
183 Match Square: puzzle
184 Match Squares (2): puzzle
185 Match Squares (3): puzzle
185 Match Triangles: puzzle
186 You Can't Lose: magician always wins this game
187 Finger Hypnotism: physical stunt
189 Glass and Quarters: clever bet
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