The Lost Cheesy Notebooks - Volume Two
Long, Chad
Chad Long (1995)
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Magic tricks
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Long, Chad: The Lost Cheesy Notebooks Volume Two
©1995 Chad Long
20 Pages, paper, stapled

Comments: Quick notes with some fun effects that are very usable. Recommended.


2 Intro: dedication
3 Nervous Condition: Cards are cut and one half loosely inserted into the other half. The deck is shaken, and one card pops out - the selection - NOT! The magician tries again and the rest of the half deck falls out until only one card remains sticking out, this time the real selection.
5 Flash Vanish: a ball of fire is tossed at a coin and the coin vanishes
6 Quick Change Aces: four selections turn into the four Aces
7 The Darted Card: Cards are thrown into the air and shot with a dart gun; the dart sticks to one card - the selection!
9 Mat Slap: the deck is folded in the close up mat, and when let go, the selection appears
11 Torn & Kinda Restored: Three selections are made by three spectators. Magician finds selection 1, but it is selection 3 so is torn up. The torn sections turn into selection 1. The torn sections are held by the spectator, and become restored as the 2nd selection!
13 Predic-storation: a combination of pen thru anything and a card prediction
15 The Vanishing Pen...Through Anything!: a pen is stabbed through a napkin, then vanishes
17 Playing With Doh: a cup and ball routine with Play-Doh containers and balls!
20 Quick Thoughts...: some thoughts on restaurant magic

Quick notes with some fun effects that are very usable. Recommended.
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