Doug Edwards Packs A Wallop
Harry Lorayne
L & L Publishing (1977)
In Collection
Magic tricks
Lorayne, Harry: Doug Edwards Packs A Wallop
©1997 L & L Publishing
Hardcover, 204 pages

Comments: Illustrations by Robert Lorayne; Design & Layout by Andrew J. Pinard. Wide variety of magic from Doug Edwards.
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ix Foreword
xi Preface

3 Section I
3 Packs A Wallop: Ace of Spades transposition
9 Well You Should Have ...: Blackjack demonstration
13 It’s Good—It’s Pretty: Aces return to the top in a flourishy manner
17 Half Empty-Half Full: bottle of Coke is poured into a paper cone and the liquid vanishes
21 Jumping Colors: Selection ends up being the only card of its color
25 Houdini Casts A Spell: Location effect
29 See Through Three: variation of Invisible Deck
33 Some Stronger Magic: Selection transposes with tabled card and is found reversed in deck
39 Six-Card Royal: six card repeat with a twist

47 Section II
47 Five-Way Rhythm Cut
51 Another False Table Cut
55 Flowing 2–Step False Cut
59 Not Too Flourishy: false triple cut
65 It’s All An Illusion: a version of the $100 Bill Switch without a TT; bill is not examinable
73 Ace Delivery: Another Aces trick
79 The Aces Triumph: Deck rights itself except for the Aces
83 Easy Zarrow Shuffle: Edwards' approach
89 Shank Shuffle Finesse: Edwards' approach
93 Roll Over And Strip: strip out shuffle

99 Section III
99 One-Hand Table Faro
103 Faro Lap
107 My First Trick
113 Off-Hand Overhand Shuffle
117 Poker Deal Extraordinaire: Poker deal
121 Facile Second Deal: second deal demo
127 Scissors Into Knot: non card
133 The Odds Are Against It: selection transposes with indifferent card and ends up reversed in deck
137 Face Up Times Four: Four Ace effect

143 Section IV
143 The Stunning, Jumping, Jack: Selection jumps out of deck, is sandwiched, and changes back color
151 In/Out Impossibility: Sandwich effect (requires Faro)
159 “Sympathetic” Clean-Up For In/Out Impossibility: clean up for above
163 Estimation Proof: magician cuts cards at will
169 Easy Pass: turnover style pass
173 Know-It-All Cards: Lie detector plot
177 Two Ace Replacements: Returning palmed cards to the deck
183 There’s More: multiple climax cards
189 A Bit Of Thinking: Selection matches others
195 Last Word
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Lorayne, Harry
(1926 - )
Magician and mentalist known for his expertise in mnemonics, or memorization through association.
Wrote: Close-Up Card Magic (1976), Apocalypse Volumes 1 - 20 (1978- 1982), Deck-Sterity (1967), Dingle's Deception with Cards and Coins, Doug Edwards Packs a Wallet (1997), The Himber Wallet Book (1998), The Magic Book Full (1997), Personal Collection, Personal Secrets (1964), Star Quality: The Magic of David Regal (1987)... and more!
Media: Harry Lorayne's Memory Power Package (audio cassetes or CDs); How to Remember Numbers (VHS Videotape)