Harry Lorayne's Secrets Of Mind Power
Harry Lorayne
Frederick Fell, Inc. Pub. (1961)
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Hardcover 0006230768
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Lorayne, Harry: Secrets of Mind Power
©1961 Harry Lorayne, Fredick Fell Inc., Pub., NY
Hardcover, w/dj, 242 pages
ISBN-13: 9780006230762
ISBN-10: 0006230768

Comments: not directly a magic book, but by a magic author! Also, good memory techniques can be useful for many tricks.

Contents (chapters from book ToC):

vii Foreword
3 Chapter 1. Organize Your Mind—for Full Efficiency
13 Chapter 2. Cultivate Your Interest—to the Pitch of Success
21 Chapter 3. Awaken Your Enthusiasm—Increase Your Incentive
34 Chapter 4. Think Effectively—to Get Results
47 Chapter 5. Think Logically—and No One Can Stop You
67 Chapter 6. Think Creatively—and Climb Out of All Your Ruts
75 Chapter 7. You Can Find Time for Everything
85 Chapter 8. Multiply Your Output by the Habit of Concentration
91 Chapter 9. You Can Solve Your Problems—Once You Know What They Are
100 Chapter 10. Strengthening Good Habits—Discarding Bad Ones
108 Chapter 11. You Must Trust Others—If You Want to Succeed
115 Chapter 12. Curiosity Can Also Lead You to Success
125 Chapter 13. You Can Learn What You Really Want To
135 Chapter 14. How To Improve Your Powers of Observation
143 Chapter 15. How To Remember Anything—With the Least Effort
155 Chapter 16. How To Remember Names and Faces
165 Chapter 17. How To Make Anyone Like You—The Secret of Personality
180 Chapter 18. How To Be an Effective Public Speaker—With-out Fear
187 Chapter 19. Worry Control—The Secret of Peace of Mind
197 Chapter 20. How To Conquer Fear—and Overcome Inevitable Troubles
204 Chapter 21. Replace Positive Thinking with Positive Doing
213 Chapter 22. What Kind of Success Do You Want?
224 Chapter 23. How To Make Your Own Good Luck
236 Chapter 24. When to Begin

Will help you to think effectively make more money get profitable ideas organize your mind
solve your problems develop your memory strengthen your will power
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Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Lorayne, Harry
(1926 - )
Magician and mentalist known for his expertise in mnemonics, or memorization through association.
Wrote: Close-Up Card Magic (1976), Apocalypse Volumes 1 - 20 (1978- 1982), Deck-Sterity (1967), Dingle's Deception with Cards and Coins, Doug Edwards Packs a Wallet (1997), The Himber Wallet Book (1998), The Magic Book Full (1997), Personal Collection, Personal Secrets (1964), Star Quality: The Magic of David Regal (1987)... and more!
Media: Harry Lorayne's Memory Power Package (audio cassetes or CDs); How to Remember Numbers (VHS Videotape)