Simon Says! - The Close-Up Magic of Simon Lovell
Simon Lovell
L & L Publishing (1997)
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Magic tricks
USA  eng
Lovell, Simon: Simon Says!
The Close-Up Magic of Simon Lovell
©1997 L&L Publishing
Hardcover, w/dj, 242 pages
Missing Dust Jacket

Comments: (Andrew Pinard): Illustrated by Hannah Ammar; Pre-Illustrative Photography by Brenda Jenkins
Edited by Jim Sisti; Design & Layout by Andrew J. Pinard


x The Totally Official Foreword by Randy Wakeman
xi Father Cyprian Says ...
xii Scotty York Says ...
xiii Who Is This Lovell Guy Anyway? Simon Lovell with help from Walt Lees
xv Introduction

3 Part One—The Thoughts of Chairman Lovell
3 What Is Close-Up Magic?
6 Approach, Opening, Time Served and the Closing Cheer!
11 Comfort Zones
13 Routining and Resetting
16 To Tip or Not To Tip?
17 Flukes!
18 Entertainment and Sleight of Hand!

21 Part Two—Openers, Middlers and Closers
21 First Things First ...
22 Fingered Number Three
25 Fingered Number Four
28 Packed Wallet
33 Another Departed Point
37 Optician’s Delight
41 Vernonesque Three Way
43 The Gambler’s Move
47 Hold The Mayo
53 Give Me The Mayo
55 Ambitious Everywhere and Nowhere
62 Business Card Giveaway
68 Challenge Reverse!
71 Sleight Of Mouth
79 Card In Bottle
83 Who Killed Lilly Longlegs?

91 Part Three—Sitting Specials and Other Bits
91 Outfold
94 Sitting Deck Vanish
98 Oily Snobs
103 The Lemming Ace Exchange
107 Vanishing Moustache
113 Impossible Location!
115 Double Trouble
117 Pyramid Power by Morley Budden

123 Part Four—Gaffed and Faked
123 Hyperpoke
126 Predicted Bermuda
129 Blind Date Bermuda
132 Ermintrude—The Mind-Reading Joker!
136 Kicked!
138 Simplicity Outdone by Jim Zachary
141 Heartless
147 Heartlebox
149 The World’s Only Blue-Backed Double-Faced Card!
151 Flashburn 2!

157 Part Five—Sleight Of Hand Goodies
157 Three Card Pop
162 Simon Takes On Le Paul
68 Sambitious Card
176 Spinnup!
179 Cheats’ Honesty Test
185 Frank’s Fave
190 Elmsley Cut Elmsley
198 Double Coincidence
202 Mini All Backs
208 Coin From Pack
212 The Coin-Eating Pack

219 Part Six—Gags, Stunts, and Other Bits!
219 Pen Through Tongue
221 Tongue Of War
222 Self-Writing Pen
224 Sebastian, The Mind-Reading Chicken
226 Any Dog Called For!
228 The Nightmare Deck
230 Anyway I Could Know Your Card X 2
231 Anticadge
234 Cointear
236 The Infamous Submarine Card

239 Part Seven—And Now The End Is Near
239 Harry’s Page
240 Final Simey Words
241 End Words by Terry Seabrooke
242 One Last Piece Of Advice ...
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