The People's Handbook Series - Parlor Magic
Lupton, F.M
F.M Lupton (1894)
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Magic tricks
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Lupton, F.M: The People's Handbook Series - Parlor Magic
©1894 F.M Lupton
Paperback, 164 pages

The People's Handbook Series - Parlor Magic Rare Booklet Scarce 1894 F.M Lupton Magic + Secrets
No. 36


People's Handbook Series

New books in this semi-monthly series were published between 1893 and 1901 with volumes #1-66. Thereafter the reprinted pamphlets were published for several years. Approximate dating of these books can be done by looking at the Lupton address at the top of the cover and correlating it with the address/date list here. Its content varied with topics outside the mainstream of medicine to law, magic, song books, etc.

In post 1901 magazines the books of this series were numbered with the "h" prefix.

Dating Lupton books can be difficult. The imprint and address on the title page can help.

Company name dates:

F. M. Lupton and Company 1875-
F. M. Lupton, Publisher -1882-1892
F. M. Lupton Publishing Company 1892-1902
Federal Book Company 1902-1904
F. M. Lupton, Publisher 1902-1929

Address dates:

37 Park Row 1875-1877
245 Broadway 1877-1879
27 Park Place 1882-1884
63 Murray Street 1885-1889
106-108 Reade Street 1890-1893 (There are some 1893 imprints noted at this address)
65 Duane Street 1892-1894
72-76 Walker Street 1894-1899
52-58 Duane Street 1899-1902
23, 25, and 27 City Hall Place 1902-
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