Ibidem Volume 2
Lyons, P. Howard
Hermetic Press, Incorporated (2001)
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Lyons, P. Howard: Ibidem Volume 2
©2001 Jeanette Louise Lyons. Hermetic Press
Hardcover, 358 pages

Ibidem, published and edited by Howard Lyons and illustrated by his pro-artist wife, Pat, was issued from Ibidem Volume 2


Ibidem magazine ran from 1955 to 1979, during which time its editor, P. Howard Lyons, produced 36 issues. Those issues accumulated quite a reputation. For its long unperiodic existence, Ibidem became recognized as the best source for avant-garde card magic and diverse curious pursuits of Lyons and his diabolically inventive crew. All 36 issues plus related unpublished material will be gathered into three large volumes, re-typeset in a fashion that retains the quirky style of the original magazines while making the text easier to read. As important as the text are the many witty illustrations and covers done by respected professional artist Pat Lyons (Howard's talented wife). For these books, Pat Lyons has redrawn all her artwork, being faithful to the originals while enhancing them for the superior reproduction techniques used for these volumes. And all her hand-screened covers are carefully reproduced as color plates!
Volume 1 contains issues 1-16. 352 pages, hardcover.
Volume 2 contains issues 17-28. 358 pages, hardcover.
Volume 3 The final 8 issues. 360 pages, hardcover.

TP. Howard Lyons' Ibidem magazine is Tyler Wilson's favorite magic magazine or all time. That must count for something, right?

From 1955 to 1979, P. Howard Lyons and his mildly crazed but brilliant crew published 36 issues of Ibidem magazine. Those issues accumulated quite a reputation as the best source for avant-garde card magic and many other curious findings. In the intervening years copies of Ibidem have been much sought after and high prices paid. Hermetic Press recently reprinted the magazines into three hardbound books, so now they're available again in their full glory.

The contributors to the magazines were vast and varried. They included Ed Marlo, Stewart James, Howard Lyons, Norm Houghton, Mel Stover, The Amazing Randi, Ken Beale, Tom Ransom, Francis Haxton, L. Vosburgh Lyons, Peter Warlock, Martin Gardner, Faucett W. Ross, Bill Simon, Tom Bowyer, Elmer Biddle, William Miesel, Alex Elmsley, Ravelli and Neal Elias.

The magic in these magazines isn't cutting-edge, knuckle-busting flourish-mania, but instead sensible, clever card magic. Some contain inspiring methods, others contain amazing plot twists, while others just illustrate some insane mathematical principle that will mess with your head.

Michael Close wrote in Genii magazine, "As I have said before (but few people seem to be listening), some of the best card magic I've read is hidden in the pages of Ibidem." Yes, the emphasis was on card magic, although puzzles and recreational mathematics also appeared frequently in its pages.

Ibidem was an anomaly: an intellectual magic magazine, leavened with a unique sense of humor and self-parody, with no equal in its time, nor to this day.

This second volume of Lyons's widely acclaimed journal presents issues 17 through 28, and includes, along with the usual innovative assortment, special issues by Ed Marlo and Ravelli.

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Comments: (Andrew Pinard): Ibidem magazine focused on card magic and was published and edited by Howard Lyons and illustrated by his wife, Pat. They were issued from 1955 to 1979 out of Toronto, Canada. This second bound volume includes issues 17 through 28.


321 Ibidem 17, July 1959
322 Editor's Comments
325 Layman's Choice (Bill Elliott)
326 Mazes-Phase Down (Ron Edwards)
327 Two for the Show (Arthur Hastings)
328 Codicil (P. H. Lyons)
329 Trick Brain Tumors
330 World's Best? (Ed Marlo)
332 Resurrectionist Dept.: The Unfaithful Knave (Frikell and Cremer via Lyons)
333 Duts (Ed Marlo)
333 The Worm Turns (Ed Marlo)
334 Erl & Water (Ken Beale)
334 Apartheid (Ken Beale)
334 Triptych (Mel Stover)
335 Four Browners (Ken Beale)
335 --Brown Transpo
336 --Brown Coincidence
336 --Brown Out
337 --Simple Coincidence
337 Filler: Vernon anecdote
338 A Reversed Location (Neal Elias)
338 Trick Brain Tumors
339 Noughty Crosses (P. H. Lyons)
339 Puzzle: V.A. Hospital (Mel Stover)
340 Departments

343 Ibidem 18, October 1959
344 Editor's Comments
345 ½ and ½ (Ron Edwards)
346 The Compleat Gardner (Martin Gardner)
346 - Hummering Off
346 - Odd!
346 - Glass House
347 - Cardless But Glassy
347 - Lull's Ars
348 - Brewer's Gold
349 - Pop-up Cube
349 - Kap's Cubes
350 - Stick Up
350 Trick Brain Tumors
351 Hyp Hip (Bill Elliott)
351 Cubeb (L. Vosburgh Lyons and P. H. Lyons)
352 Puzzle Solution: V.A. Hospital (Mel Stover)
353 Oil & Water Climaxes (Ed Marlo)
359 Stuff Page
358 Quote: Reason and Nature (Morris R. Cohen)
358 Trick Brain Tumors
360 Rusduck Thinks (Rusduck)
361 For The Magic Seven (Ed Marlo)
362 Puzzle Solution: Big Casino (Mel Stover)
363 The O.H. Puzzle (Bill Elliott)
364 Quiz Biz (Stewart James)
365 Party Line (Stewart James)
365 Trick Brain Tumors
366 Skip Tracer (Stewart James)
367 Quote: Menlo Park Reminiscences, Vol. I (Francis Jehl)
367 The Message of Didah (Stewart James)
368 Whilst Demonstrating to the Company A Game at Poker, To Deal the Cards in Such a Manner that a Card Known to be at one Position from the Top will, at the Performer's Pleasure, Be Found at any other. (Nat Mendelsohn)
369 They're Really Marked (P. H. Lyons)
369 Filler: Norm Houghton on phobias
369 Trick Brain Tumors
370 Jackpott (Ken Beale)
370 Trick Brain Tumors
371 Business Card Prediction (Ed Marlo)
372 Neater Prediction (P. H. Lyons)
372 Ibidem Reviewed

373 Ibidem 19, December 1959
374 Editor's Comments
374 A Rough Prediction (Ed Marlo)
376 Premonition Not (Ed Marlo)
381 R.R.B.M.T. (Ed Marlo)
383 Vanishing Card Deck (Ed Marlo)
385 Easy Vanishing Card (Ed Marlo)
385 --The Named Transposition (Ed Marlo)
386 --The Named Reverse (Ed Marlo)
387 The Illogical Routine (Ed Marlo)
388 Technicolour Thought (Ed Marlo)
389 A Monte Vanish (Ed Marlo)
391 The Returning Jack (Ed Marlo)
392 The Three Roughskeeters (Ed Marlo)
394 Puzzle: Junior Chemist (Mel Stover)
394 Puzzle: Black Chinese Checkers (Mel Stover)
394 Double Out Presentation (Ed Marlo)
395 - Vanishing Thought (Ed Marlo)
396 Paging a Stranger (Ed Marlo)
398 New Touch Predictions (Ed Marlo)
398 - Double Touch Prediction
399 - Svengali's Double Prediction
400 - Double Impromptu Touch
400 Roughly A New Approach (Ed Marlo)
401 - Two Card Monte
402 - The New Touch Predictions
403 - The Spectator Coincidence
404 Tis Rough on Hofzinser (Ed Marlo)
406 The Rough Magician vs the Gambler (Ed Marlo)
407 Rough Handling (Ed Marlo)
408 - Rough Markers
410 - 2nd Roughed Hofzinser—No Duplicates Version

411 Ibidem 20, May 1960
412 Editor's Comments
413 The Miracle Spread (Ed Marlo)
416 Next to It (Ed Marlo)
418 The Basic Idea (Ed Marlo)
420 Spectator Location (Ed Marlo)
421 Basic Move Application (Ed Marlo)
422 Open Spread Prediction (Ed Marlo)
424 Dual Coincidence (Ed Marlo)
425 Related Quadruplets (Ed Marlo)
426 Last August (Martin Gardner)
426 Amazing! (The Amazing Randi)
428 A Short Shot (Mel Stover, Leo Moser, P. H. Lyons, Martin Gardner)
429 Down & Out (Neal Elias)
430 The Cardiste No. 12—January 1959 (Rusduck)
431 - Poko-Combo (Rusduck)
432 - Tempermental Aces (Steve Herald)
433 - Alaska (Rusduck)
433 - Enigmatic Enclosure (Bob “Hardell” Ecklund)
434 - A Case for Mentalism (Ed Mellon)
435 - 1–2–3–4 (John Howie)
436 - Stay-Stack Miracle (Ed Marlo)
437 - Stay-Stack Prediction (Ed Marlo)

439 Ibidem 21, June 1960
440 Editor's Comments
441 Spirit of '76 (Bill Elliott)
443 Puzzle: Ounces & Mugs (Tom Ransom)
444 Drink Up (Jack McKenty via Lyons)
444 Puzzle: Drawn and Thirded (Tom Ransom)
445 Paendemonium (A Quote)
445 Best Wishes to Len Vintus and Gene Gordon (A Quote from Dr. Wilson)
445 Holograph (Ed Marlo)
448 Addendæ (Ed Marlo)
448 - Addendum re 3H idea
448 - Addenda re Diminishing Lift Switch
449 A Fan Letter (Norm Houghton)
450 Clip Climax (Norman Houghton)
451 1784 Evening-Post Quote Request (Tom Ransom)
451 Trick Brain Tumors
452 For Faro-Hicks (Bill Simon)
453 Math, Magic and Mystery Remarks (Mel Stover)
453 The Las Vegas Shuffle—A System of Cull, Stock, and Combination Cull-Stock Shuffles for Cardicians and Thieves (Lin Searles)
453 - The Stock Shuffle
455 - The Cull Shuffle
456 - The Cull-Stock Shuffle
457 Strip Faro Stock Shuffle (Neal Elias)
458 A Pseudo Cull-Stock Shuffle (Neal Elias)
458 Filler
459 Name-O-Card Revisited (Sam Randlett)
461 Filler: Thoughts on Threes (P. H. Lyons)
462 Lyons Replacement (P. H. Lyons)
462 Royal Company (Francis Haxton)
463 Oh You Kito! (Sam Randlett)
464 Farrago (Harry Riser)
465 Twomula (Mel Stover)
465 Ace Cutting Follow Up (Ed Marlo)
466 $pell (Ken Beale)

469 Ibidem 22, October 1960
470 Editor's Comments
472 Rubaway Spots (Ed Marlo)
474 - Double Hit Top Change
475 Impromptu 1493–1495 (Edward Marlo)
478 Rubaway Spots (3rd Method) (Ed Marlo)
479 The Best Of All Possible Ace Tricks (Lin Searles)
479 Double Thought Coincidence (Ed Marlo)
480 Leap Frog (Anthony J. Gugliotta)
481 The Gugliotta Variations (Anthony Gugliotta)
482 Son of Lhasa (Ron Edwards)
482 Puzzle Solution Follow-up: Knight's Tour (Tom Ransom)
484 Mindreader's Nightmare (Harry Lorayne)
484 Digital Deck's Terity (Ron Edwards)
485 Trireme (Ken Beale)
485 Triplets (Ken Beale)
486 Coffin Cop (Chas Aste Jr.)
486 Quote: History of Mathematics (P. H. Lyons)
486 The Devilish Die (Jack Avis)
487 Thanks Norm (John P. Hamilton)
488 A Swymove (Tom Ransom)
489 5 Corpses in 1 Coffin (P. H. Lyons)
489 Another Fan Letter (Norm Houghton)
490 Bring on the Band! (Norman Houghton)
491 Unlikely Occurrence Dept.
491 All the Sad Young Card Men (Lin Searles)
492 Drank Up (Norm Houghton)
493 A Little Mental (The Modest Randi)
493 Puzzle: Smart Magic: Seven from Eleven
494 A James Bibliography
496 Fillers & Quote

497 Ibidem 23, March 1961
498 Editor's Comments
499 Forward To— (Ed Marlo)
500 Ace-Deuce Transposition (Ed Marlo)
506 Filler: Hull Deck Tips (Ed Marlo)
506 7 Card Assembly (3rd Method) (Ed Marlo and Bert Fenn)
509 6 Card Assembly (Ed Marlo)
510 12,000 cps Cross-Over (P. H. Lyons)
511 One-Speed Reverse (P. H. Lyons)
511 Over X-ertion (P. H. Lyons)
512 Safety Match (P. H. Lyons)
512 Fourtold (Stewart James)
513 Phraud (P. H. Lyons)
514 Cop Cover (Chas Aste Jr.)
514 Chinese Mind Reading (Norm Houghton)
516 Brainpopper (Martin Gardner)
516 Quote: Corning Glass Ad
517 Diapsalmata—An Old Poker Deal Refrain (Lin Searles)
518 Sum Fun (Ravelli)
521 More Biz (Ravelli)
522 Letter (David L. Bendix)
522 Letter (Arthur Hastings)
523 Filler: One-Hand Ribbon Drop and Catch
523 Quote: Beyond Laughter (Martin Grotjahn, MD)
523 Trick Brain Tumors
524 Square Deal (Ken Beale)
524 Souvenir (Ken Beale)

527 Ibidem 24, December 1961
528 Editor's Comments
529 Trisi (Stewart James)
530 Query: Logic WIndow Cards
530 Repartition (Jack Avis)
531 Plug: Scientific American Book of Mathematical Puzzles and Diversions by Martin Gardner
532 Mutus Mutated (Norm Houghton)
533 Double Play (Bill Simon)
535 Vanishing Eleven (Ed Marlo)
535 Quote: Natural Magick (Writing on an Egg) (Porta)
535 E. G. Brown Mental Transpo, 2nd method (Ed Marlo)
536 Ambitious Handling (Ed Marlo)
538 The Ambitious Four (Ed Marlo)
540 Quote: Guardian
540 Routine Pinochle (Bill Miesel)
541 Pinochle Tricks (Bill Miesel)
542 Quote: Natural Magick (More Writing on an Egg) (Porta)
543 Quote: The Secret Life of Salvador Dali
543 Kort Kards (Milt Kort)
545 This is Your Life (Anthony J. Gugliotta)
545 Venus Observa (Anthony J. Gugliotta)
546 Quick Watson, the Aces (Lin Searles)
546 The Repeat Pick (Lin Searles)
547 Filler: Snapper
547 Filler: Alex Elmsley Anecdote
547 Quote: Beyond Laughter (Martin Grotjahn)
547 Filler: Bill Elliott Anecdote
547 Ravelli's Page (Ravelli)
547 --Improbable
548 --Kap's Kubes
548 --Another Secret Out
548 Brownian Movement (Ken Beale)
549 A Venue (Ken Beale)
549 Exploring a Principle (Ken Beale)
551 Houdini's Grandma (The Amazing Randi)
551 All the Non-Conformists (Martin Gardner)
552 Magical Chairs (Martin Gardner)
553 Quote: Toronto Daily Star (Adam's Evil)
553 Theoretical & Practical Solution to an Impossibility (T. S. Ransom)
554 Quote: 101 Zen Stories
555 Quote: First Love (Vladimir Nabokov)
555 A Message to Garcia (P. H. Lyons)

557 Ibidem 25, May 1962
558 Editor's Comments
559 Technicolour Thoughts (Ed Marlo)
568 Quote: “The Gadget Had s Ghost” from Thrilling Wonder Stories (Murray Leinster)
569 Quote: The Night Lover (Anne-Marie Superveille)
569 Spur of the Moment (Ed Marlo)
573 Quote: The Manchurian Candidate (Richard Condon)
573 Double Brainwave (Ed Marlo)
573 - The Commercial Version
574 - Second Method—Mnemonic Version
574 - Third Method—Pre-set Version
575 - Fourth Method—Impromptu Version
576 - Fifth Method—Flip Action (4th Switch) Method
577 Additional Brainwaves (Ed Marlo)
579 Quote: New Statesman (V. S. Pritchett, 12/31/1960 issue)
579 Quote: Ron Edwards thoughts on “Through Darkest Pierce”
579 Additional Double B.W. (Ed Marlo)
581 Quote: Sam Randlett thoughts on force books (P. H. Lyons: Barnacle)
581 Direct Oil and Water (Ed Marlo)
582 Puzzle: Magic Square (Mel Stover)
582 Out of This World Handling (Ed Marlo)

585 Ibidem 26, September 1962
586 Editor's Comments
587 Fare Enough (Stewart James)
589 Puzzle: Droodles (The Amazing Randi)
589 Quote: Neal Elias on Herb Zarrow and “One-Speed Reverse”
589 Quote: Sam Randlett on “Codicil”
589 Filler: Filler
590 How I Recall— (Ed Marlo)
592 - The Sometime Miracle
593 Athletic Aces (Neal Elias)
593 - A Cutting Discovery—1949
594 - Another Cutting Discovery—1950
594 - A Card Spin—1953
595 Self-Cutting Deck (Neal Elias)
595 Togetherness (Bruce Posgate)
597 Letter (Norm Houghton)
597 Quote: Tom Ransom queries Ravelli re: “Sum Fun”
598 The Extracted Pair (Norm Houghton)
599 Quote: Ed Marlo on Rusduck's “Backward Faro”
599 3 Way Transposition (Ken Beale)
601 Puzzle Solution: Droodles (unpublished by Tom Ransom)
602 Easy Over (Bill Miesel)
602 Colour Confused (Tony Blitz)
603 The Immovable Monte (Ron Edwards)
603 Just Two Much (Ron Edwards)
604 A Trick Worth Two of That!! (T. S. Ransom)
604 Filler: Lyons on microfilm and Norm Houghton on “everybody is a magician”
605 The Open Prediction, What Else! (Lin Searles)
605 The Compleat Reader (The Amazing Randi)
606 In the Money (Ross Bertram)
606 Put Back Aces (Jack Avis)
607 All Present (Francis Haxton)
607 More for the Show (Francis Haxton)
608 Good Grief! More Aces (Francis Haxton)
609 Stuff & Nonsense (P. H. Lyons)
609 - Arsey Versey
609 - Up Your Sleeve, Mac!
610 - Two in the Shoulder
610 - Greedy
610 - Belling the Bell
610 - Direct Code
610 - Northern Force
610 - Tetched
610 - Class Conscious
610 - One-way, or the Other
610 - No Crap
611 - Epideictic
611 - No Toll
612 Doink! (Martin Gardner)
612 Filler: Rufus Steele anecdote
612 Filler: Tom Ransom on “everybody is a magician”

613 Ibidem 27, October 1962 (An All Ed Marlo Issue)
614 Editor's Comments
614 Trick Brain Tumors
615 Letter: Marlo Writes Again
623 Improved Elevator Ace With Simon Count
624 Elevator Aces
625 Play Me Another Tune
626 Excerpts from Two Letters
627 Cards Across Presentation
629 Double Thought Coincidence (second method)
630 Follow-Up To Pseudo-Cull Stock Shuffle
631 Impromptu Illogical Routine
632 Spectator Coincidence No. 2
633 The Follow-Up Spectator Coincidence
634 Spectator Coincidence No. 3
635 Uncontrolled Predictions and Coincidences
637 Adverse Conditions
639 Adverse Aces
641 Sudden Aces
642 Convincing Aces
645 Ibidem 28, April 1963
646 Editor's Comments
647 Ravelli's Set-Up Technique
648 - What is a Setup?
649 - The Delayed Setup
649 - The Purpose of the Delayed Setup
650 - I. Partial Delayed Setup
656 - The Buckley-Ravelli Build-up and Poker Demonstration
660 - II. Complete Pack Delayed Setup
665 - III. Special Cases of Delayed Setup Techniques


P. Howard Lyons
(1928 - 1987), from Toronto, Canada,
was editor of Ibidem, a notable magic periodical which ran erratically from 1955 to 1979.


Lyons, an accountant who worked as a Director at Deloitte, Haskins & Sells, was also co-producer, with Bob Weill, of the "Ibidem Events" Convention held annually at Niagara-on-the-Lake.

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