Applause - Winning Routines
Mardo, Senor
Berland Magic Creations, ILL (1947)
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Magic tricks
Mardo, Senor: Applause Winning Routines
A Book of Routined Magic
©1947 Samuel Berland, Berland Magic Creations, ILL
Paper, stapled, 34 pages

Comments (Magicref): "Applause Winning Routines" Illustrations by Senor Mardo, and edited by Theodore Berland.


3 Introduction (Senor Mardo)
6 Baker's Fiesta: stage routine using Walsh Cane, Baker's Ring Round Rosie, Abbott Fish Bowl, etc.
8 Cane In Newspaper: for the Walsh Cane
9 Vanishing Cane, Johnny Jones Version: into an envelope
10 Liquid Levitation: stage effect for a Milk Pitcher and Magic Funnel
12 Eight Pieces Of Eight: coins hand to hand (seated)
14 Mardo's Migratory Coins: a Matrix style effect
15 Sil-Sol (Henry Sohl): a full silk and vanishing salt routine
18 Liquid Melange: a stage routine for Liquid Appear and a Milk Pitcher
20 Count Again, Please (Andre Pelinot): 12 cards change to 15 in an envelope
22 Ring On The Stick: Mardo's routine
24 A Smart Opening (Lee Phillips): a routine with burnt & restored handkerchief with some extra surprises
26 Bubble Magic: routine for Bouncing Bubble Soap and a glass ball
28 Thumb Tie Extraordinary (with Bruce Cole): uses unprepared rope
30 Twin Bucksaw Flourish: for cards and a table
31 Copper And Silver: variation of Eight Pieces (above)
32 Cut Yourself A Smoke: intro to a rope routine (for smokers)
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