Kid Stuff Volume 3
Marshall, Frances Ireland
Magic Inc. (1981)
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Marshall, Frances Ireland: Kid Stuff Volume Three
©1963 Ireland Magic Company, Chicago, ILL
©1981 Ireland Magic Company, Chicago, ILL
Paper, saddle-stitched, 104 pages

Comments: The third in a six volume set of magic for Children's shows. These volumes provide a wide variety of effects for children's shows. Most of the effects are of the interactive-platform variety where you bring a child (or two or three) up on stage. While you may not use all of the effects just as listed, you are sure to find lots of good ideas for your kid-show magic. Volume three has a large section on a Clown Act.


5 Swiss Kid Stuff: Introduction to Piet Forton's magic
6 Cornelia's Birthday: children's act featuring a large wooden duck, silks, and more.
13 Piet's Magic Safety Show: act featuring a large Volkswagon car
19 The Magic Castle: Castle stage prop and lots of ideas
25 The Magic Shop: Magic act backdrop based on a magic shop theme
28 The Magic Circus: Act and ideas based on a circus theme
30 The Magic Bedside Manner: Essay on working hospitals
34 Alice in Magicland (Janie Jarrow): An act based on Alice in Wonderland
39 Sugar Pops Pete & the Bandits (Ernest King, Jr.): Jumbo card trick using a wooden easel
42 The Traffic Light (John Yeager): Safety theme traffic light effect
44 How to Be A Clown: essay on informal clowning
50 Ideas from Peter D'Arcy: an intro letter, silks, a nice ending, and the Magic Washing trick
52 Jack and the Beanstalk (Peter D'Arcy): a routine centered around a changing bag
54 The Wizard's Treasure Chest (Peter D'Arcy): and how to make it
56 Clowing on TV (Ernie Kern): essay
57 Birthdays: Clown Act complete with patter
59 Another Birthday: another Clown Act
60 The Baseball Game: clown act
61 The Grocery Bag: clown act
62 Shaving Routine: clown act
65 Floating Gag: simple levitating gag
67 Mutilated Parasol: clown act
68 The Madhouse Routine: clown act
73 Rabbit Production and Wringer: clown act
78 Vacuum Cleaner Salesman: clown act
80 Haunted House: clown act
88 The Cooks: clown act
94 The King Bee: clown act
98 Prove You're Not Here: clown act
100 Questions and Answers: clown act
101 Smart Gum: clown act
103 Hat, Fan and Wand (Don Lawton): routine with breakaway fan and wand
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Marshall, Frances Ireland
Frances was the owner of the Chicago magic shop Ireland Magic Co., which she later named Magic Inc. She was, perhaps, the most influential woman in the male dominated field of magic. Her entire life was spent with magic, as a performer, writer and promoter. She was married to magic inventor L.L. Ireland until his death in 1954, and then married magician Jay Marshall. As Mrs. Ireland, she was the founder, in 1938, of Magigals, an association for female magicians (today called Women In Magic).For more than five years, Mrs. Marshall appeared every Sunday in the "Funny Paper Party," a program on WGN-TV featuring Chicago Tribune publisher Col. Robert McCormick.
Wrote: You Don't Have To Be Crazy (1946), With Frances In Magicland (1952), Kid Stuff (six volumes/1954-75), How to Sell by Magic (1958), The Sponge Book (1960), The Success Book (four volumes/1973-84), The Happy Birthday Business (1978), My First 50 Years (1981), Those Beautiful Dames (1984), Come Out Flying, the long running Around Chicago column in the Linking Ring Magazine and many other books, booklets, manuscripts and articles. If You're the M.C. (with Jay Marshall), Table Book by Frances and Jay Marshall