PRISM - The Color Series Of Mentalism
Maven, Max
Hermetic Press, Inc. (2005)
In Collection
Magic tricks
Hardcover 978-0-945296-48-5
Maven, Max: Prism
©2005, Hermetic Press
Hardcover, 240 pages

Comments (Manon Roch)

Contents: All five of Max's "Color" series booklets on mentalism now collected into one volume.

xi Prologue
xvii Epilogue

1 The Blue Book
3 Introduction
7 Desire
13 Burnt Offerings
17 Tephramantic Brainwave
21 ’Tis the Season to be Lying
25 Pre-duck-tion
29 Dangerous Game
31 The Temperamental Guest
35 Geometric Coin
37 The Spirit is Willing (to Write)
41 Elemental
45 Double Undercurrent
47 Middle Telepathy
59 Chaos

63 The Red Book
65 Introduction
69 Four-Sided Triangle
73 Parallax
75 Disposable Color
77 Writer’s Cramp
79 The Happy Horoscoper
81 Satan’s Nightmare
85 Your Choice
87 Vision Version
93 Power Drain
95 Pscrabble

99 The Green Book
101 Introduction
103 Destiny
107 Combo
111 Old Math
115 The Psychic Bartender
119 Nucleus
125 Discretion
127 Predixion
131 Onstage Bender
135 Ranch Dowser
137 The Mind’s Eye Deck

143 The Yellow Book
145 Introduction
147 Windowshopper
151 Shuffled Impulse
153 Designation
157 The Armchair Bowler
163 Phona
167 Astro-Key
169 Quindex
171 Modern Dart
175 Resolution
177 Doubleview

181 The Violet Book
183 Introduction
185 Dowsing for Dollars
187 Kirigami
191 One Hand Clapping
195 Squarot
199 Rainbow Matrix
201 Karma
205 Indication
209 French Active
211 Psiangle
217 Racer’s Edge
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PRISM- The Color Series Of Mentalism

While a sizable literature devoted to mentalism was produced in the past hundred years, little has stood the test of time. Among the scant amount that has is that of M AX M AVEN . Writing under the name of Phil Goldstein, M AVEN has created one of the largest, cleverest and most influential bodies of work in the field, stretching from the latter part of the twentieth century into the twenty-first. His star rose early, with the publication of five slim collections, each packed with innovative and performance-caliber mentalism. These booklets, which have become widely known as "The Color Series," contained items such as "Desire", "The Spirit is Willing (to Write)" and "Four-sided Triangle"—items that have become modern classics in the field. M AVEN produced the Color booklets in small quantities and, despite ongoing popular request, refused to reprint them. They have become highly sought after, fetching prices in the hundreds of dollars. At last, after a quarter of a century, the entire Color Series is again available; all 53 effects, newly illustrated by Ton Onosaka, 240 pages in hardcover. Welcome to a classic reborn— Prism