The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings
Mike Maxwell
L & L Publishing (1986)
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Maxwell, Mike: The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings
©1986 L&L Publishing
Hardbound, 267 pages

Comments: I purchased this book on the recommendation of Denny Haney at Denny & Lee's Magic Studio, and I was not disappointed. Even though I'm not a "card guy", and most of the effects are cards, there was much in here that intrigued me and has prompted me to get into the cards a bit more. This extensive collection contains intermediate to advanced works, all clearly explained and well written by Mike Maxwell. Clear line drawings throughout. Highly recommended.


i Dedication to Ron Wilson and Dai Vernon
iii Foreword by Dai Vernon and Charles Miller
iv Preface by John Thompson
v Introduction by Mike Maxwell

1 Always Cut the Cards (Ed Marlo's Unit Upjog Addition) 4 Aces removed from deck. Spectator places one Ace on top and cuts the deck. Magician places second Ace on top an cuts the deck. This is repeated with 3rd and 4th Ace. All Aces appear on top of the deck. Clean, not difficult.
4 2002 Aces (The Optical Add-On) 4 Aces dealt to table. Spectator points to one face down ace, and three more cards are dealt on top. Other three Aces are mixed in the deck. All Aces assemble in pile. Good.
7 Twisting the Plot: A card is selected and returned to the deck. Several "key" cards are removed from the deck and the values added. This number is counted from the top of the deck, to find the selection.
8 Spectator Cops the Silver (Bobo Switch) Spectator places silver coin on their own fingertips and a copper coin on the magician's (reverse role). Coins switch, and may be examined. Nice!
10 Synchronicity (Berg Palm, Top Palm Replacement, Modified Curry Turnover, L.J. Double Pushoff, Optical Toss, Miracle Spread) Performer places card on the table, spectator does same. Both cards match. This is repeated under more difficult procedures with the same result.
15 Misdirection Cards to Pocket: Two spectators select and sign cards and lose them in the deck. Cards travel to the magician's pocket: one to the left and one to the right! Lesson in misdirection.
17 Problem with Hofzinser (Vernon Cut, ATFUS, Walton Show) 4 Aces given to spectator. Another card is selected and lost in the deck. Aces are shown and waved over, one Ace turns face down, the same suit as the selection. Deck is spread, and face down Ace is now in the deck. The face down "Ace" is turned over and found to be the selection!
20 In the Palm of Your Hand (L.J. Double Double, Pip Mis-Show Sequence) Spectator given the Queen of Hearts, Magician takes the King. The cards switch. Good romantic trick!
22 The Bet: A sucker trick. Performer takes one card from stack of 8. Spectator thinks he gets a peek at the selected card, but loses!
24 Peripatetic Coins (L.J. Shell Steal, Purse Palm Vanish). Nice four coins across. Last coin joins the others in the spectator's hand. Uses shell.
27 Immaculate Insertion: Method of controlling a returned card while squaring the deck completely.
29 Bonus Trick (Vernon/Krenzel Mechanical Reverse, Modified Dr. Elliot's Pass, Vernon Wedge, Wedge Cull, Wedge Reverse) Variation of Triumph. Card freely selected and lost in deck with face up cards shuffled into face down cards. Suddenly, all cards face the same way except one, the selected card. As a bonus, the deck is spread again and three more cards are reversed. The matches to the selected card!
34 Mystery Card (Larry's Packet Reverse - The Flop) A mystery card is shown in magician's pocket. Another card is selected, signed, and placed between two face up jokers. The rest of the deck is discarded and spectator holds three cards. Suddenly the selection vanishes, and the spectator removes the mystery card: the selected card!
39 Plotting the Twisted Aces. Spectator counts from 1-10 while dealing. Whenever the value of the dealt card meets the verbal count, that number of cards is dealt face down on the pile, and one more card is dealt to the side. At the end, four cards have been dealt and they are all Aces.
40 The Hook (Panorama Pass) An invisible hook is placed in the air, and three invisible coins are placed on the hook; the coins become visible, and are placed back on the hook, where they vanish. You are left clean. Uses a shell. Relatively easy.
44 Impossible: Card is selected from deck and returned. Cards are cut by performer. Spectator spells IMPOSSIBLE, and finds selected card.
46 Well Oiled Reset (Elmsley Count) A packet of Queens and a packet of Kings are shown. One by one, the Kings singly replace a Queen in the Queen Packet. At the end, the packet of "Queens" has turned to Aces.
48 Jennings Opener (Jennings-Hofzinser Change). Card is selected and lost in the deck. Top card shown to be indifferent, is stroked, and changes into the selected card, and then back to indifferent.
50 Pacoima Solucion (L.J. Peek). Spectator peeks at card, deck is shuffled and half the deck is turned face up. Face up cards are run, and spectator is asked to note if selected card is in face up or face down half. Spectator takes specified half, shuffles them. Magician spreads cards, has spectator touch one: the selection! The card then disappears and is found reversed in other half of the deck.
53 The Card in the Beer Bottle. Signed Card is found in bottle held by spectator. Not pre-loaded!
54 Haids I Win, Tails You Lose. A quick bar bet of guessing heads or tails of a coin under a bill. The spectator loses because the coin has vanished.
56 7-Up (Interlock, Dai Vernon's Utility Move, Double Lift Get-Ready). Ambitious Card routine
60 Shut Up and Deal (Multiple Card Get-Ready, L.J. Insertion, Fene Finnel's Free Cut Principle). Two phase poker demonstration with the Aces.
64 The Maestro's Poker Demonstration (L.J. Unloading Move, L.J. Variation of the Machine Break Off Move, L.J. Packet Switch, Hamman Count). A full poker demonstration routine for the average card worker
71 Jennings Revelation. Four piles dealt to the table. By placing the hands over each pile, four Kings are found on top face up. Includes alternate handling.
75 Chinese Connection. Coins pass through your hand into spectators. Fourth coin changes to Chinese coin, then spectator finds all the coins in his hand have turned into Chinese coins. (one shell)
78 Visual Copper and Silver (Purse Palm, Scotty York Back Clip Variation). Visual copper and silver, no gaffs.
80 Optical Prediction. Red and Blue decks, each shuffled by spectator. Performer removes card from one, spectator cuts to card. Cards match.
81 L.J. Ten Card Problem Variation (Top Card Cover Pass) Spectator and magician each think of number between 1-10. Spectator view his card this number down, performer does same. Cards switch places.
84 The Card in the Hat (L.J. Angle Steal, Neal Elias Jumping Card). Card is signed and lost in deck. It vanishes to appear in pocket. It vanishes again, to appear in your hat. With variations.
88 The Courting Queen: (Pass, Christ Twist) Face cards placed in center of deck, spectator asked to select favorite Queen. Cards are squared and respread, Queen is missing. Cards are squared and respread, face cards are gone and only the Queen remains.
89 Easy Expert Coins Across (Heel Steal, Han Ping Chien): Coins across, the last joining the other three in the spectator's hands. No gimmicks.
92 Collectors I (Vernon Depth Illusion): Aces removed from deck. Three other cards selected and lost in the deck. Aces are touched to top of deck, and spread to find selected cards between them.
95 Ambitious Classic: Ace through 5 of Spades displayed. Each card rises to the top after being placed in the packet. Finally the 5 of Spades changes into a red 5.
98 A Royal Twist (Christ Twist): Twisting the Aces effect. Each Ten turns face up until fourth, which turns out to be an Ace, then all the cards are shown to provide a Royal Flush.
102 Gambler's Aces (Neal Elias Multiple Shift, Stevens Riffle Control, Doc Daley Cut, Vernon block Transfer): Four Aces are lost in the deck are found with an indicator card. The indicator card vanishes and is found in the pocket.
107 Coins and Handkerchief (Tankai Pinch, French Drop): Four coins penetrate a handkerchief all at once and one at a time. Three coins are placed in pocket, and two return. Two coins are placed in pocket and a large Chinese coin is found in the hand. No gimmicks.
113 General Card (Braue Reverse)(Apocalypse June 1980) Three cards selected and lost. Joker brushed with thumb turns into first, second, third card and back to Joker.
115 Lie Detector: Card selected and lost in deck. Deck set up as Lie Detector. Is value high or low? Answer is spelled, resulting card detects lie. Color is asked and card detects. Suit is asked and card detects. Indicator card is now turned over and counted to the selected card.
117 Skip Tracers (Braue Addition, D'Amico Shift): Collectors theme with "skip tracer" plot.
119 Spectator's Choice (L.J. Technical Variation of Marlo's B.D.E. Force): Three cards are selected and returned to the deck. Each spectator locates his or her own card.
122 Twist'In (Underground Elmsley Count): Twisting the Aces for magicians
124 King's Triumph: Kings removed from deck and separated in deck. Half deck turned face up and mixed into other half. Deck is spread and only Kings are found face up.
126 The Observation Test: Two spectators peek at a card. Deck is shuffled, and top 5 cards removed. One spectator spots card in packet. A single card appears to reverse itself in the packet, it eventually turns out to be the 2nd spectator's card.
129 Collectors II: Another collectors plot. Not easy.
130 Reaping the Aces I & II (Jennings Slip Switch): Spectator cuts to the aces, two versions
132 Standing Three Eagles (Kaps Subtlety): A fast, stand-up 3 coins across
134 Departure from a Point (Drop Switch, Alex Elmsley's Hand Washing Vanish): A plot trick: Two detectives are placed in a bank (under a wallet) and a criminal is placed with them. The criminal vanishes and is found reversed in the deck. Another criminal is selected and placed between the detectives, only to vanish and be found in the bank!
136 Ambitious Classic Variation: Ace through 4 are displayed. Each rises to the top, and the Four changes to a red Four.
138 Any Ace Called For (Gathering Add-On, Vernon Cut, T.N.T. Bottom Deal) Four Aces are instantly found as the Spectator calls them.
144 Open Travelers (Bounce Double, Finley Tent Vanish, Rub A Dub Dub Vanish): Classic clean 4 Ace effect. Four Aces shown and one put aside. Other three vanish one at a time and appear with the lone ace.
150 Traveling Expert (Vernon Spring Palm) As above, using only the 4 aces.
154 One to Five: Ace through 5 of Spades placed in order, Spectator can't get the order correct.
156 Prefiguration (A Glimpse): Spectator shuffles card. Performer removes one card which is placed on table, and begins to deal cards. Spectator says stop. Each half deck is dealt number selected by spectator. Resulting cards indicate value & suit of performer's card. Indicator turned over and matches.
159 The Visitor (Jennings-Walton Show) Selection is placed between two Queens, which are placed in the middle of half the deck. The other two Queens are placed on top of the other half deck. The selection jumps to between the other two Queens, and them back again.
163 Triple Discovery (Braue Reversal)Two cards selected and returned. Two Jokers removed. Third card selected and returned. Jokers placed on top of the deck, and when spread, third card is found face down between them. All are turned over to show this card it the third selected. When turned over again, Jokers have turned into the first two selections!
165 Last Minute Visitor (Marlo's Bottom Deal Exchange, Spread Load for a Sandwich) Selection vanishes from between two black Kings to between two red Kings in the middle of half the deck.
168 Impromptu Wildcard (Illusion-Flushtration Count) A packet of Jokers is shown. One Joker changes to a King, then all Kings are shown. One King changes to an Ace, then all Aces are shown. No gimmicks.
171 Homing Card (Deal Set, Erdnase Palm Change): Ace of Spades and 4 red spot cards shown. Ace placed on deck and travels face up to face down packet, changing places with spot card. Repeated with a two card transposition climax.
174 Wave Vanish: Coin vanish (larger coins best)
177 Homing Card Variation: A 4 card variation on Homing Card.
179 Wallet Deck Switch: A card is selected and returned to the deck, which is shuffled and placed in the card case. A wallet is shown with an envelope. The envelope is opened, to find a deck of cards! The deck is missing one card. The card case is opened to reveal only the selected card. Uses a Jennings (LePaul) Wallet.
184 Uni-Flection (Multiple Lift Display Sequence, Rhythm Count, L.J. All Alike Count): Two cards selected and returned to deck. Four Aces are removed, waved over the deck, and transform into the first selection, then the second selection, and finally four Jokers.
188 Jennings on Vernon's Triumph (Vernon Block Transfer). Card is selected and returned to deck. Half deck is shuffled into other half face up so deck is mixed. The deck rights itself, with the exception of the selection.
191 Collectors III (L.J. Insertion Addition, Dr. Nuzzo's Faro Slough Off): Four Kings are removed. Three other cards selected and returned to the deck. Deck is split in two. Each half is ribbon spread to show selections have disappeared. They have become collected in the King's packet.
195 Fan-Stab-Stic (Vernon Pressure Fan Control): Card is selected and returned. Top card is turned face up, and spectator inserts it in pack. Deck is separated at that point and selected card revealed.
198 Twist'In II (All Fair Show, J.K. Hartman's Clean Up and Reverse): A version of Twisting the Aces for Magicians or knowledgeable laymen.
201 L.J. On Leipzig's Sympathetic Cards (Marlo's B.D.E. Force): All the hearts are removed, shuffled, and one selected. The cards are tabled. All the spades are removed, one selected, and the remainder shuffled. The cards are tabled. The heart and spade packets are found to be in the same order, and the selected cards match.
206 The Visiting Expert (D'Amico Spread, Vernon Transfer): Same effect as the Visitor. Good for laymen.
211 Dice-O-Matic: Selected card is found using a stack of three dice.
213 Distributraction (Collectors V): Aces are removed. Three cards selected and returned. Aces are placed on top of the deck and slapped, where they disappear. Aces are spread through the deck. Deck is squared and slapped again. When opened, Aces are together in the center, with the selections between them.
216 Jennings Bill Switch: Slow motion utility switch, no TT. Bill folded in eighths. Includes burned and restored effect.
219 Clink-A-Clink Coins Across (w/Louis Falanga) (Pop Up Move): Quick 2 coins across, start and end clean.
223 Out Standing Triumph (L.J. Display). Stand up table hopping Triumph w/Carman's variation using more advanced moves to be a little cleaner.
226 Cut Reverse I: Move to reverse a card during a cut.
227 Cut Reverse II: Reverse a card or block from the center of the deck.
229 Instant Aces: Aces are distributed through pack. Pack is spread, Aces are all reversed.
231 Slap Me Again, I Needed That (L.J. Double Undercut): Ten Card Problem Variation.
233 Ambidextrous Travelers (One Hand Bottom Palm, Diagonal Palm Shift): 4 Signed Aces are placed in the deck, but found in four different pockets. This is immediately repeated.
238 Double Your Pleasure: Jennings' Double Lifts: Snap Lift, Center Lift
241 L.J. Toss: Utility coin move, a shuttle pass variation
243 Double Think (Roll Around Reverse, Larreverse): Two thought of cards reverse themselves.
246 Spectator's Triumph (Palm Spread): A Triumph variation where the spectator shuffles some of the cards.
249 Bonus Routine: Larry Jennings' Single Cup & Balls Routine (Fake Transfer, Vernon Cone Vanish): A one cup (not a chop cup) and ball routine to be performed seated at a table. The cup magically appears from underneath a silk, and three balls appear beneath the formerly empty cup. Includes a large ball climax, and then the ball and the cup vanish.
260 Credits and Technical Commentary by James Patton. Includes references notes, and credits for many of the moves used.
264 Larry Jennings: The Classic Past by David Michael Evans. A listing of former appearances of many of the effects
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At long last the magical secrets of one of the finest minds in magic is available. Larry Jennings was recognized as one of the real experts on Close-Up Magic. His name is a guarantee of innovative methods and effects. Now you can learn the secrets of the master. Nothing has been held back. Larry saw to it that these are the exact methods that he used for each routine. The book contains over 85 ground breaking routines, 50 of which have never been released. The remaining items all vintage Jennings classics, are from out of print magazines, or hard to find books. Included as a bonus is the Jennings Single Cups and Balls Routine! Each effect has been rewritten and re-illustrated in greater detail. There are over 440 excellent line drawings , and over 90 sleights fully explained to make learning easier. The book is beautifully produced