21 Gems of Magic
McGill, Ormond
Abbott's Magic Novelty Co (1946)
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Magic tricks
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McGill, Ormond: 21 Gems of Magic
©1946 Abbott's Magic Novelty Co., Michigan
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9", 63 pages

Comments: a nice variety of magic effects within the reach of most. Also available as part of the Abbott's Magic compilation "Bag O' Trix", edited by Gordon Miller.


5 About the Author
7 Introduction
9 Contents

11 A Thought About Openings
12 GEM No. 1 The Candied Bird: Dove production opener with candy surprise

15 Scrapbook Card Tricks
16 GEM No. 2 A Reversed Card Location: reversed card finds the selection
17 GEM No. 3 The Card and the Boy: One card vanishes and ends up strung on a string, and another on the spectator's back
19 GEM No. 4 The Card in a Mousetrap: mouse trap springs on the deck and finds selection
21 GEM No. 5 The Card in the Pocket: selection ends up in magician's pocket
23 GEM No. 6 The Bewitched Aces: 4 Ace routine in which the spectator handles the cards
26 GEM No. 7 The Confetti Rising Cards: from a glass

28 Scrapbook Mindreading
29 GEM No. 8 The Magic Clock: magician divines time set on a clock
30 GEM No. 9 An Experiment in Telepathy: magician duplicates a symbol and number written by spectator
32 GEM No. 10 Two Minds With But a Single Thought: magician and spectator write the name of the same object
35 GEM No. 11 The Perfect Book Test: using a helper
36 GEM No. 12 An Impromptu Second Sight Act: using luminous paint
40 GEM No. 13 A Blackboard Demonstration: again using a helper

42 Scrap Book Miscellany
42 GEM No. 14 A Clever Coin Vanish: in a glass
44 GEM No. 15 A Spirit Seance: mysterious happenings behind a large handkerchief
46 GEM No. 16 The Mesmerized Cane: adheres to the hand
48 GEM No. 17 A Spirit Rope Tie: your hands are tied, yet bells, rattles, and so forth are manipulated
50 GEM No. 18 Release-O-Ring: Curtain ring released from rope while box remains threaded
54 GEM No. 19 The $1000 Challenge Hoop Mystery: a pocket stunt based on the above

57 A Magical Sensation
58 GEM No. 20 Walking Thru A Keyhole: a stage-size escape

60 A Thought About Closings
61 GEM No. 21 A Pleasing Refreshment: bowl of ice cream and a spoon are produced
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