Tangled Web
Mead, Eric
Hermetic Press (2006)
In Collection
Magic tricks
USA  English
Mead, Eric: Tangled Web
©2006, Hermetic Press
Hardback, 238 pages
ISBN-13: 9780945296539
ISBN-10: 0945296533

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1 On The Move
3 Approach
9 A Fine Howdy Do
23 Watch the Birdie
33 A perfect Mystery

41 Proximity Warning
43 The Desired Effect
49 The Bunny-Bill Swindle
53 Bar Flight
65 Three-Piece Combo
77 Change
83 The Walkout

87 Disorderly Conduct

121 Jazz Charts & Favorite Licks

149 Bridging the Gap
151 Fifty-Two on One to One
159 Puddle Jumper
173 Transitions
179 When Children Walk with Canes
183 Say Anything

189 Invasions of Privacy
191 A Proper Introduction
195 Tie One On
203 Peek-a-Book
211 Gone Fishin'
219 An Auspicious Occasion

237 So Long
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LoC Classification 79-89533
No. of Pages 238
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Location Magic Library (Home)
Condition Mint
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Tangled Web-Eric Mead-Hermetic Press-2006-Hard Cover-v.FINE-

Hard cover book Tangled Web, by Eric Meadm an Hermetic Press Publication, 2006.

In this first major book by one of the United States' most respected professionals, Eric Mead covers a wide range of magic and mentalism, drawn completely from his professional repertoire and fine-tuned by performance after performance to its present form. Bar Magic, Close-up Magic, Strolling Magic, Mentalism, Stage--even two pieces for kids (we're serious) . In addition, there are seven instructive and challenging essays, and two chapters devoted to work with a memorized deck and a systematic approach to Vernon's "Trick That Cannot Be Explained"--a professional approach to these topics that is stunning in its depth, intelligence and originality.

This collection of magic is the real deal--or, as Teller describes it in his introduction to Tangled Web:

"There is no bull***t, not a nugget, between these covers. If you're like me, you'll emerge changed, inspired, tingling."

In the belief that exquisite magic deserves an exquisite form, Tangled Web has been produced with bibliophilic sensibilities inside and out. A book that is pleasing to hold and to read. Magic and mentalism that stands with the finest, yet, at an affordable price.

This book retails for $40.00. Our starting bid is lower and there is no reserve. Bid and the item will sell.

From Magicpedia, courtesy of Genii Magazine:
Eric Mead (b. 1966) has performed for over 20 years as a corporate magician, mentalist, speaker, comedian and consultant. Mead alternated nights with Doc Eason at the legendary Tower Comedy Magic Bar and Restaurant in Snowmass, Colorado for 14 years. Mead worked the Tower until it closed, in April 2004. He is working on a project documenting the magic routines of his friend Tim Conover.


Innovations (1985)
Tangled Web (2006)
DATE: 2008.
SIZE: 5 1/4 by 7 1/2 inches, 238 pages, hard cover. Not issued with dust jacket.

CONDITION: Book is in otherwise Very Fine, almost Mint Condition.