Another Close-Up Cavalcade
Jerry Mentzer
Jerry Mentzer (1983)
In Collection
Mentzer, Jerry: Basic Skill With Cards
©1981 Jerry Mentzer
©1983 Jerry Mentzer second printing
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 76 pages


Contents: (Is this complete? I think I'm missing content after page 62!)

1 Introduction

5 False Cuts
5 Three Way False Cut
7 Two Way Fasle Cut
8 False Cut on the Table
11 Gambler's Running Cut

15 False Shuffles
15 Basic Overhand Shuffle
16 Overhand Control for the Top Card
17 Overhand Shuffle to Retain Bottom Stock
17 Overhand Shuffle to Reatin Top Stock
19 Overhand Shuffle Jog Shuffle
21 Basic Riffle Shuffle
23 Riffle Shuffle to Retain Bottom Stock
24 Riffle Shuffle to Retain Top Stock

27 Controls
27 The Break
29 Double Undercut Control
31 Cut and Overhand Shuffle Control
32 Pick Up and Overhand Shuffle Control
33 Reversed Card Control
35 Bridged Deck Control

41 Sleights
41 The Glide
43 Otehr Uses for the Glide
45 Double Lift General
46 Double Lift Method One
47 Duoble Lilft Method Two
49 Secret Reverse Using Double Lift
50 The Crimp

55 Forces
55 Tenth Card Force
56 Six Thru Nine Force
56 Crossed Halves Force
57 Hindu Shuffle Force
60 Hofzinser Force
62 Classic Force
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