Magic with a Copper/Silver Coin
Jerry Mentzer
Jerry Mentzer (1988)
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Mentzer, Jerry: Magic With a Copper/Silver Coin
©1988 Mentzer, Illustrated by Richard Bartram, Jr.
Booklet, 32 pages

Comments: Illustrated by Richard Bartram, Jr.. While a nice collection of C/S routines are here, there is not much original to this volume. There are two effects by Mentzer, eight are straight from Bobo's Modern Coin Magic, and two routines are from Horace Bennett's books. That said, the routines are good (especially Bennett's), and the book is inexpensive. Recommended if you don't have the other sources.


1 Introduction
3 The Gimmicked Coin
4 A Simple Transposition: C/S plus English Penny. One is removed from the closed fist and the coins transpose
6 Follow the Penny: 2 C/S coins, 1 Half. Two Silver, One Copper shown. Copper is put in pocket, and the Copper turns to Silver, Copper is found in the hand. This is repeated. Suggestion to end the trick using just the Half Dollar is made (no routine provided)
7 Copper and Silver Transposition Number One (from Bobo's): In the spectator's hand, all can be examined at the end
10 The Bobo Switch (from Bobo's): a utility move
12 Number Two (from Bobo's): An alternate beginning for Number One, allows coins to be examined at start
13 Number Three (from Bobo's): Non-sleight version, similar to "A Simple Transposition", above
14 Number Four (from Bobo's; J.G. Thompson Jr.): A nice transposition in the spectator's hand, ends clean
16 Presto Chango (from Bobo's; Thomas H. Bearden): Two Silver shown, hand closes, Two Copper are shown. Hand closes, Two Silver are shown. Hand Closes, One Copper, One Silver. Ends clean. (nice!)
18 Buddha's Coin (from Bobo's; Hen Fetsch): A C/S transposition using Buddha Papers
21 Coin Fantasy (from Bobo's; Jules Lenier): The routine that comes with many C/S products. Decent.
23 Transposition Two (from Horace Bennett's The Bennett Touch): Nice, detailed transposition on coin purse. Ends clean, and both sides are shown at the start.
27 Not So Relentless (Horace Bennett, "Horace Bennett's Fourth Book"): Three halves in one hand trade places with three English Pennies in the other. Well done.
32 Selected References: Kaufman's CoinMagic, David Roth, Bobo, and Bennett.
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