The Creative Card Magic of William P. Miesel
Miesel, William P
Unikorn Magik (1980)
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Hardcover 9780960401604
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Miesel, William P.:The Creative Card Magic of William P. Miesel
©1980 Ed Eckl, Published by Unikorn Magik, Beverly MA
Hardcover, 177 pages
ISBN-13: 9780960401604
ISBN-10: 0960401601

Comments: Edited by Ronald F. Zollweg and Philip R. Willmarth. Illustrated by Marshall Philyaw.

Contents (from book ToC):
1 Preface by William P. Miesel
5 Introduction by Neal Elias

11 Chapter I In The Beginning
12 I'll Find It the Easy Way: Two methods of doing a trick that does not appear to be one.
15 An Ambitious Surprise: Two Ambitious Card Routines with a real kicker.
23 The Double Lift: A different slant on making the Double Lift appear deceptive.
28 Double Lift Second Deals: A simple approach to the Second Deal for magical purposes.
30 The Buckle: The correct handling of the Buckle to make it invisible close-up.

34 Chapter II The Four Aces
35 Introduction Of The Aces: A flashy production of Four Aces.
37 The Solitary Aces: A gimmick makes a good trick look great.
43 The Progressive Aces: A very subtle avenue to the Successive
Aces that is completely impromptu.
48 Still Thinking Of An Ace: In this version of the "Think Ace" theme, a repeat is not only possible but is recommended.

52 Chapter III Favorite Routines
53 Rapid-Fire Reversals: Card reversals are always interesting, especially when they happen over and over.
56 Loving Couples: An "Oil And Water" principle with a "Royal Marriages" presentation.
59 An Alternate Puzzle: You can He can't.
63 Color fusing Monte: One change after another.
68 A Quick-Change Act: The spectator will be sure that he is color blind.

73 Chapter IV Spades On Parade
74 A Spade Of A Different Color: A different type of prediction.
77 Count Down: A clever small packet quickie.
79 Ambitious Five: A very popular version of a classic.

85 Chapter V Feature Tricks
86 Visual Transportation: Different approaches to transpositions.
89 Things Aren't What They Seem: Another look at the "Universal Card".
96 On The Make: A modern direction for an old effect.
101 Take Three: Some thoughts on a relatively little used theme.
106 Unforeseen Interchange: A transposition that isn't, but it really is.
114 Turning Over Another Leaf: A Hofzinser classic.
118 Down The River: A routine with lots of surprises.
123 Ten Hand Poker Deal: An interesting discussion on a modern day
routine that is destined to become a classic.

133 Chapter VI Wild Card
134 That's Wild: Let's get rid of the gimmicks.
138 Whole Deck — Wild Card: A rather elaborate routine that is very baffling.
142 Wildest Dreams: This is really wild.

149 Chapter VII Classic Card Effects
150 Follow The Leader: Some very clean thoughts on this Dai Vernon classic.
156 Oil And Water: A couple of very good reasons for performing this Ed Mario classic.
159 Oil, Water, And The Oil Barons: This is real entertainment.
163 Face The Ace: Thank you, Hofzinser, for this premise.
167 Everywhere And Nowhere: This has been a classic for over one hundred years.
171 Backward Everywhere And Nowhere: This routine is extremely subtle.
174 The Rising Cards: Still looking for that ever elusive impromptu rising card routine.

177 Publisher's Afterword (Ed Eckl)


by William P. Miesel, Marshall Philyaw (Illustrator), Ronald F. Zollweg, Philip Reed. Willmarth

After many years of contributing his creations to magic magazines Bill Miesel decided to write his first book that features his brand of card magic. The forward of the book explains his mission:

“The most important element of any magical effect is its entertainment value. Every one of these effects is designed to entertain someone. Most of them should prove entertaining to either a lay audience or and audience composed of magicians. Some are designed basically to be performed before magicians because of their surprise endings to familiar effects. A few may prove to be entertaining to the performer himself but may be lost on an audience. I feel that a couple of these are worthwhile it they amuse someone and provide inspiration, which they will, to others.”

Routines include:
I’ll Find It The Easy Way, An Ambitious Surprise, The Double Lift, Double Lift Second Deals, The Buckle, Introduction Of The Aces, The Progressive Aces, Still Thinking Of An Ace, Rapid-Fire Reversals, Loving Couples, An Alternate Puzzle, Colorfusing Monte, A Quick-Change Act, A Spade Of A Different Color, Count Down, Ambitious Five, Visual Transposition, Things Aren’t What They Seem, On The Make, Take Three, Unforseen Interchange, Turning Over Another Leaf, Down The River, Ten Hand Poker Deal, That’s Wild, Whole Deck-Wild Card, Wildest Dreams, Follow The Leader, Oil And Water, Oil Water And The Oil Barons, Face The Ace, Everywhere And Nowhere, Backward Everywhere And Nowhere, and The Rising Cards.

First Edition. Published by Unikorn Magik in 1980. 180-pages, 6x9 inch, hard-cover. Written by William P. Miesel with an introduction by Neal Elias.
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