Daryl's Ambitious Card Omnibus
Stephen Minch
Daryl (1987)
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Card tricks
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Daryl´s Ambitious Card Omnibus
©1987 Minch, Stephen:
Hardcover, 140 pages


Very rare, out-of-print, never to be reprinted, first edition. This is THE HOLY GRAIL of books on the Ambitious Card (ACR). Don’t pass this up!

This book is inscribed “Thank you & enjoy” and signed by Daryl


0 Introduction

1 SECTION ONE: The Routine

2 Introductory Phase
5 Exemplary Phase
5 The Double Turnover
7 The Double Lift Build - Up
8 Brrrrtttt
10 The Top Change
12 For the Unambitious
15 The Double Whammo
17 The Bluff Pass
20 Topper
22 Tilted and Turned
24 Up the Falls
24 Thin Ambitious
28 The Pass
28 The Painbrush Color Change
30 The Pop - Up Card

35 SECTION TWO: Alternative Sequences

36 CHAPTER ONE: Four Opening Gambits
37 The Center Double Lift
38 The Hofzinser Spread Pass
41 Signed with Suspicion
41 To Boldly Go

43 CHAPTER TWO: Further Ascensions

44 The Push - In Change
46 Tabled Ambition
48 The Outjog Change
49 The Ambitious Miracle - Change
50 Layers of Conviction
53 The Tip - Over Change
54 Two Bluff Insertions:
54 The Tiltless Tilt
56 Bluff Insertion from the Front
58 The Daley Leaper
60 Cover for the Ambitous Card Double Lift
61 The Impromptu Duplicate
63 Four - Fifths of the Truth
64 The Whole Truth
65 The Kagemusha Principle
65 Ambitious Movie
67 The Finger - Clip Color Change
69 Rise, Rise, Rise
72 The Triple Whammo
73 The Screened Leipzig Pass
78 The Ultra Move
81 The One - Handed Side Steal
85 A One - Handed Sequence
88 The Transfer of a Card
90 The One - Card Double Lift
91 The Ambitious Double - Deal
94 The Umbiquitous Card
98 Ambitious Gimmickry
98 Fancy Dancer
100 The Trick That Fooled Houdini
101 The Gaffless Houdini Fooler
103 Nothing Changes
104 The Ambitious Twins
105 Double Quick

109 CHAPTER THREE: Four Finales

110 Four Finales
110 One for the Money
114 Under Foot
115 Ambitious One - Way
117 The Ultimate Ambition

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No. of Pages 140
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Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor

Since his first professional performance in 1968, DARYL has achieved extraordinary success in Magic. Using awards as a measurement, DARYL earned the gold medal at the World Congress of Magic (the "Olympics" of Magic), in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1982, and 6 Academy Awards from the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California (no one has earned more). Twice, his peers voted him Close-Up Magician of the Year (1980 and 1981), twice as Parlour Magician of the Year (1986 and 1987), and twice as Lecturer of the Year (1988 and 1992). The list goes on and on with victories in every major competition he has entered.
DARYL truly enjoys what he does and his enthusiasm is obvious in his performances. He has performed many of his mysteries literally thousands of times, but his fresh performing style creates the illusion that the magic is happening for the very first time. This, combined with his ability to create magical effects and his willingness to teach others, has helped to create his well-earned world-wide reputation.
DARYL's first exposure to Magic was in 1962, when a friend of the family gave him a Svengali deck as a gift. He became fascinated with what could be done with this special trick deck of cards and his interest in Magic soon turned into a true love of the art form. After years of performing Magic for family, friends, local organizations and school shows, DARYL studied street performing in San Francisco. He performed street Magic and passed the hat by day then put on his tuxedo and performed elegant close-up shows for the patrons at the Magic Cellar nightclub in the evenings. The combination of these two totally different performing styles provided an incredible learning experience. He continued this hectic schedule for several years.
In 1973, at 18 years old, he performed his first industrial trade show for Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corporation. The company was thrilled with his performance and amazed at the custom magical effects he created to offer clients as a souvenir of the experience. They sent him all over the country to promote their products and services. Since then, DARYL has performed for a large number of major corporations around the world. As his success grew, so did requests for his performing and lecturing. DARYL has traveled the world several times, performing for magicians and lay audiences. In response to requests for information on his effects, he created a set of lecture notes that were sold at his lectures. This became the first item in what is now an extensive catalog of custom Magic effects that DARYL offers through a world-wide distribution network.
In addition to his other activities, DARYL has appeared at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., NBC's Today Show, HBO's Magical Moments with Dick Cavett, done several television commercials, and performed for literally thousands of satisfied clients all over the world. When asked about his favorite performing venue, DARYL says, "My favorite place to perform has always been the Magic Castle. Having the pleasure of working in an elegant environment for people who really know Magic is always a fantastic experience. I also enjoyed opening Caesars Magical Empire in Las Vegas. Being booked to open the facility was truly an honor."
Daryl continues to keep a very busy performance schedule, flying internationally for private and corporate shows in addition to his regular lectures for magicians. In January 2001 Daryl was honored to perform for President Bush's Inaugural Candlelight Dinner in Washington DC.
Since then he has spent much of his time performing in Las Vegas at places such as the Mandalay Bay Casino, the Monte Carlo Casino and regularly at Caesar's Magical Empire in Caesars Palace. He now has bookings to perform his close-up magic show at Caesars Palace until the end of October 2002.