Ed Mishell’s Hold-Out Miracles
Mishell, Ed
Tannen Plublishing (1969)
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Mishell, Ed & Louis Tannen (editor): Hold Out Miracles
©1969 Tannen Publications
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 57 pages

Comments: Illustrations by Ed Mishell. Jack Miller's Hold-Out described, with how to attach it, and many routines using it.

Contents (from book ToC):

6 Preface (Ed Mishell)
7 Salute To Jack Miller (Joseph H. Fries, M.D.)

11 Chapter 1 Attaching the Hold-Out
13 Chapter 2 Hold-Out Devices—Old and New
14 Chapter 3 The Clip
15 Chapter 4 Jack Miller’s Sensational Rope Cut
16 Chapter 5 The Vanishing Knife
18 Chapter 6 Complete Ball, Silk and Wand Routine
23 Chapter 7 Egg Bag Routine
30 Chapter 8 Cash Transport
31 Chapter 9 The Famous Poosha Da Poosh Routine
34 Chapter 10 Blooming Flowers
35 Chapter 11 “Squash”-Out Squashed
37 Chapter 12 Benjamin J Kleinman Routines
39 Chapter 13 Sliding Knots and Mysterious Ball
41 Chapter 14 Ball Thru Silk and Trumpet
42 Chapter 15 Cups and Balls—Version No 1
45 Chapter 16 Cups and Balls—Version No 2
46 Chapter 17 Cups and Balls—Version No 3
47 Chapter 18 Bare Bones of the Effects
48 Chapter 19 Bare Bones—Second Version
49 Chapter 20 Bare Bones—Third Version
49 Chapter 21 Three Card Transportation
51 Chapter 22 A Hold-Out For Coins
52 Chapter 23 Salt-O-Matic
54 Chapter 24 The Vanishing Bird Cage


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Ed Mishell’s Hold-Out Miracles

Magic’s Greatest Aid for Doing Miracles
by Ed Mishell, edited by Louis Tannen. Tannen Publ., 1969. Illustrated with b/w photos and drawings.

The author says, “If you but devote one hour a day for a couple of weeks to this fine piece of apparatus, you will be astonishly delighted with the sheer, wizardry of “Hold-Out Miracles! Guard these secrets well – they are the ultimate in magic. NB: A Hold-Out is a grabber of some kind, worn under the jacket (photo included).

Softcover book in Very Good condition. Book is clean and the pages are tightly stapled, glossy and unmarked. 6 x 9 inches, 66 pages.


Jack Miller popularized the use of a hold-out in magic and taught many magicians how to perform with it. This booklet includes many of the routines he was best known for using the secret device.

In addition to the excellent magic the booklet contains information on how to attach and adjust a hold-out, different types of clips and much more. Also includes a brief history of the hold-out, a salute to Jack Miller and an essay by Benjamin J. Kleinman about Jack Miller and his magic.

Routines include: Jack Miller's Sensational Rope Cut, The Vanishing Knife, Complete Ball, Silk And Wand Routine, Jack Miller's Egg bag Routine, Cash-Transport, Jack Miller's Famous Poosha Da Poosh Routine, Blooming Flowers, "Squash" Out-Squashed, The Sliding Knots And The Mysterious Ball, Ball Thru Silk And Trumpet, Cups And Balls (three versions), Hold-Out For Coins, Salt-O-Matic!, and The Vanishing Bird Cage.
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