Quietus Of Creativity Volume 1
Montalbano, Dean
Leaping Lizards (2005)
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Hardcover 9781932086966
USA  English
Montalbano, Dean: Cards Coins Cups The Early Years
©2005 Leaping Lizards
Hardcover, 230 pages
ISBN 9781932086966

Quietus Of Creativity Volume 1 by Dean Montalbano
Published by Leaping Lizards

How often do you hear an ad for a magic book say, "This one effect ALONE is worth the price of the book." Well, we could certainly say that several times over.

CONSIDER: What would you pay for a virtually sleight free card effect that can play for over 5 minutes, is topical, and can be done virtually under the spectator's nose? With UPC miracle II, you cause blank cards to become printed duplicates of freely selected cards, entire blank decks to print themselves and much more- but that is only ONE effect in Quietus Of Creativity volume One.

CONSIDER: A coins through the table effect which uses a GLASS TOP TABLE and allows the spectators to SEE the magic happen.

CONSIDER: A Magical Money Making effect which uses a plain sheet of notebook paper and ends with a REAL US LEGAL TENDER dollar printed right in the middle of the notebook paper... lines and all!

Pages 230 - Hard Bound
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