Quicker than the eye
John Mulholland
The Bobbs-Merrill co (1932)
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Mulholland, John: Quicker Than The Eye
©1932 1st Edition Junior Literary Guild, NY
Hardback, 6x9", 259 pages

Comments: The Magic and Magicians of the World; illustrated

Contents (Chapters):

15 Chapter I Peddlers of Wonders
37 Chapter II Of the Old World
53 Chapter III First Magicians in America
67 Chapter IV Books of Magic
79 Chapter V The Way You're Fooled
95 Chapter VI Eastern Magic
107 Chapter VII Holy Men and Jugglers
121 Chapter VIII The Red Man's Magic
131 Chapter IX Romany Tricks
141 Chapter X The Great Magicians
169 Chapter XI Those Who Get Not Their Living Thereby
183 Chapter XII Forecasting and Its Frauds
205 Chapter XIII A Modern Mountebank
251 Chapter XIV Near Royalty And Real
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Edition 1st ed.
Extras Author autograph
No. of Pages 259
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Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
John Mulholland (1898-1970)

John Muhlholland was born in 1898 in Chicago, and was first inspired to become a magician by seeing a performance of Harry Kellar's. He moved to Manhattan as a young man with his mother. An accomplished performer by his teenage years, Mulholland went on to an impressive career as a professional magician and authority on the subject. In the 1930s, he assumed editorship of The Sphinx, at that time the world's largest and most respected magic magazine. Mulholland had an uparalleled collection of magic memorabilia and apparatus that is now largely owned by David Copperfield. Inventor of the Mulholland Box. A one-time consultant to the article on conjuring in the Encyclopedia Britannica, he is credited with helping to make magic intellectually respectable, and wrote numerous books on the subject.

Among his written works are Quicker than the Eye (1932), Story of Magic (1935), The Art of Illusion (1944), and Book of Magic (1963).