Paul Daniels Adult Magic
Murray, Barry
Michael O'Mara Books Limited (1989)
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Magic tricks
Great Britain  eng
Murray, Barry: Paul Daniels Adult Magic
©1989 Michael O'Mara Books Limited
Illustrations: Photos by John Lilley
Hardcover, 160 pages

Comments (Stewart Tame): Not "adult" in the sense of "X rated" but rather a beginner's text aimed more at adults than teenagers or children. The book was published in Great Britain but shouldn't be too difficult to find in the US as well (I found my copy at a discount book store in Ohio.)


11 Introduction--Includes familiar effect in which two paper clips clipped to folded bill, bill unfolded quickly, clips fly off, land on table linked.

13 Chapter 1: Why Magic?

15 Chapter 2: Anti-Stress Play Magic
15 The Irish Compass--Octagonal piece of paper with arrow drawn on each side, arrows change directions when paper flipped over.
18 One To Four Countdown--Puzzle effect, ten coins arranged in circle, magician demonstrates they can all be turned face down by flipping every fourth coin, spectator unable to repeat effect.
18 The Seven Deadly Sins--Puzzle effect, eight-pointed star diagram shown, coins must be placed one at a time on one point and slid to another until no more moves possible.
20 Ron: A Diversion--Odd little fortune-telling effect, numbers chosen by spectator, added in different combinations, winds up with same total for each combination.

23 Chapter 3: Sales Magic
23 Paul's Puzzle Box--Puzzle effect, spectator unable to place penny in box drawn on business card without touching sides until magician shows how it's done.
23 Spirit Card--Spectator cuts deck, looks at chosen card, magician rubs pencil across back of business card, name of card appears.
25 No Cards Mental Test--Two cards shown with different tables of playing cards, spectator chooses card, clips strip of paper to row it's in on one card and column it's in on other, magician names card.
26 Branded Tastes--Cards displayed with names of different drinks on them, spectator selects one, magician touches fingertip to face of chosen card without looking, tastes fingertip, names drink.
28 The Mentalist--Spectator fills out questionnaire with age, year of birth, etc., adds up numbers, writes down total, turns paper over to find same number written on back, number then used to look up phone number in directory, magician displays business card with same phone number written on it.
29 The Marvelous Magic Square
30 'Instant Square'--Magician instantly calculates magic square for any number between 34 and 100.
31 'Lucky Number Square'--Spectator writes down lucky number between 34 and 70, performs some math on it to disguise it, announces new total, magician writes down magic square that adds up to spectator's lucky number.

33 Chapter 4: A Magician In the Office
33 Memo--Spectator follows instructions on sheet of paper, discovers their chosen card at pre-determined location in deck, magician need not even be present.
35 £50 To A Penny--Stunt, magician tears match from packet, bets that it can be made to land on edge.
36 At the End of the Day--Classic stunt, piece of paper folded and torn, pieces unfolded to show ond in shape of cross, other pieces arranged to spell word "Hell".
37 Calculating Magic--Magician hands spectator calculator with strip of paper covering display, spectator enters shoe size, performs series of computations (including adding their age), magician removes strip covering display, reveals spectator's age and shoe size.
37 'Beat the Calculator'--Two spectators each given calculator, told to choose three digit numbers, one number written in both columns, other number written in one, magician writes second three digit number in remaining column, one spectator told to multiply numbers in first column, other those in second, then both spectators told to add their totals together, magician writes down final total before spectators can compute it on calculators.
38 'Calcu-Puzzles'--Series of equations which result in numbers that spell words when calculator turned upside down.
39 'Calcalendar'--Spectator chooses three-day stretch from calendar page, adds dates together, gives magician total, magician names sequence of dates. Methods also given for vertical three-date strips and three by three blocks of dates.
41 The Knight's Tour--Magician directs spectator to move chess knight on board so that it lands on every square exactly once, spectator chooses starting square, magician can be blindfolded to heighten effect.
43 It's Not As Easy As You Think--Pencil with loop of string attached threaded through spectator's buttonhole, challenged to remove it.
44 'Just One of the Miracles We Do'--Designed for business setting, client chooses random card from deck, keeps it face down, magician sets out pen and pad of paper, buzzes secretary in, no one says a word, secretary writes name of chosen card on paper, client turns over card for the first time to see that prediction matches.

49 Chapter 5: Magic Out To Lunch
49 Rubber Spoon--Spoon shaken and seems to be made of rubber.
49 Spoon Bender--Magician appears to bend spoon but spoon is unbent when dropped to table.
50 Think Tap--Several objects placed on table, spectator thinks of one, magician taps objects one at a time while spectator spells name of chosen object, one letter per tap, magician told to stop when name completely spelled, stops on thought of object.
51 Rubber Dough--Magician appears to bounce dinner roll on floor.
52 Better Than A Fortune Cookie--Magician breaks open roll to find coin inside.
53 I'll Be Damned--Magician shows glass with rubber band holding sheet of rubber over opening, coin on sheet, magician taps coin, it visibly penetrates rubber.

56 Chapter 6: Magic After Hours
56 If You Catch It, It's Yours--Magician drops bill through spectator's open hand, spectator can't close hand fast enough to catch it.
57 Fancy That!--Spectator puts hand on table with middle finger folded under, asked to wiggle ring finger but can't.
58 Juggle--Magician throws ping pong ball in the air, catches it on nose, ping pong ball revealed to be stuck to nose.
59 Money-Book--More stunt than effect, magician pulls out checkbook and shows five dollar bills gummed into place like checks, they can be peeled out and spent, etc.
59 Finger Fun--Magician folds hands into various contortions, spectators attempt to follow but unable to copy magician's actions.
61 Gelleresque--Magician balances two wooden matches on edge of matchbox, spectator chooses one, magician the other, both attempt to cause their matches to fall via telekinesis, magician's match falls.
62 Paul's Pendulum--Pendulum swings to answer questions.
63 Challenge Balance--Magician balances wooden match on end on thumbnail, spectators unable to duplicate feat.
63 Second Strike--Burnt match struck on box, lights.
64 No Smoking Cigarette--Magician takes deep puff of cigarette, exhales smoke, takes another deep drag, exhales nothing, alternates between the two.
64 Everlasting Ash--Magician's cigarette becomes center of attention as ash keeps getting longer and longer and longer without falling off,
65 Crazy Stuff--Magician's pocket handkerchief seen to be twitching, magician seemingly controlling twitches with invisible thread, no trace of thread found when handed out for examination, magician takes silk back, crumples into ball, throws to floor, immediately bounces back to hand.
66 It's Up His Sleeve--Magician slides pen down sleeve several times, pen vanishes, reappears after a moment.

72 Chapter 7: Small Wonders: The Art of Amusing Children
72 Fly Away, Peter--Piece of paper stuck to one finger of each hand, papers vanish and return.
73 The Shooting Hanky--Hank twirled into taut roll and then shot across room like arrow.
74 The Invisible Hair--Handkerchief twitches, seemingly controlled by invisible thread from magician's other hand, no thread found when hank examined.
75 Lulu--Handkerchief formed into dancing doll.
78 The Animated Mouse--Handkerchief formed into "mouse" which seems to spring to life in magician's hands.
82 Thumb Stuff--Magician appears to remove tip of thumb, finger, etc.
84 Money Ring--Folding a dollar bill into a ring.
85 The Flapping Bird--Folding piece of paper into bird that flaps its wings.

88 Chapter 8: Basic Card Handling
88 Standard Dealing Grip
88 The Mechanic's Grip
89 The Riffle Shuffle
89 Retaining The Top Stock
90 Retaining the Bottom Stock
90 The Waterfall Shuffle
91 The Ribbon Spread
92 The Ribbon Spread Pick-Up
92 The Ribbon Spread Turn-Over
93 The Swing Cut
94 The Swivel Cut
95 Undercut and Glimpse
95 False Cut
96 The Charlier Pass
97 Top Card Force
98 Shuffle Glimpse
99 Gambler's False Cut In the Hands
99 False Riffle Shuffle Off the Table
100 Fanning the Cards
101 The Pressure Fan

102 Chapter 9: Miracles At the Card Table
102 With a Borrowed Pack--Magician borrows deck, opens case, removes deck, spectator shuffles, deals into seven piles, spectator writes numbers one to seven on paper, draws circle around one, magician turns over top of each pile, spectator writes cards next to numbers, spectator reassembles deck, shuffles, magician shuffles half in face up, deck cut, cardcase placed between halves, whole pile put into handkerchief, shaken, dumped on table, selected card in cardcase.
105 The All Fair Miracle--Magician spreads deck, shows cards thoroughly mixed, spectator takes deck behind back, cuts several times, takes three cards from top of deck, puts them in pocket, magician puts deck in case, sets it aside, takes another deck from pocket with different back design, spreads to show mixed, placed behind magician's back, cut several times, three cards removed, tabled, spectator takes cards from pocket, placed face down on table, all six cards turned over at once, magician's match spectator's.
109 Signed Coincidence--Deck cut into two halves, spectator takes one, magician the other, each chooses card from their half, signs name across front, signed cards shuffled back into half packs, each chooses card from the other's half, shuffled sight unseen into their own, both ribbon spread halves face up on table, magician's signed card in spectator's half and vice versa.
112 Are You Sure?--Two spectators choose cards, magician fails to find them several times, eventually cuts deck, puts one half crosswise on other, top card of each half are selections.
113 You Are Magic--Four Aces openly removed, magician places deck behind back, inserts Aces, one spectator cuts off small packet, turned face up, placed on deck, cards spread until first face down card found, face up cards tabled, face down card placed on top of them, repeated with three other spectators, face down cards turned up to reveal four Aces.
117 Good Eye--Spectator shuffles cards, selects one, magician takes deck, places it behind back, spectator inserts selection into deck anywhere, leaves it sticking halfway out, magician turns around, after a moment names spectator's card, deck brought out from behind back to show card still sticking out halfway to show correct.
121 Perfect Poker--Magician cuts deck into thirds, gives them to three spectators to shuffle, takes one third back, looks at cards, rearranges them, deals four hands of poker, player one gets four Tens & a Jack, second gets two Queens & three Jacks, third gets two Queens & three Kings, magician gets King & four Aces, cards gathered up, dealt again, each player gets Royal Flush, gathered, dealt again, each player gets a Straight, gathered again, magician spells out "Poker","Money","Wager" and "Draw" dealing out four cards each time & placing the remaining card (if any) under those in hand, piles on table all Four of a Kind, four cards in magician's hand are Aces, cards gathered again, four packets of five cards thrown on table, one for each player, each player including magician now has first hand they were dealt again.
123 The Master Cardman--Four cards selected, four spectators each given fourth of deck to shuffle, magician calls out names of forty-eight cards, each spectator placing that card face up on table as magician does so, each spectator left with one face down card: their selection, magician names each card, cards gathered, magician deals four hands of bridge without looking, magician's hand all Spades, cards gathered, magician deals five hands of poker, names hands dealt to each person, magician has single Ace and no other scoring cards, some cards removed from each hand and new ones dealt, hands revealed to be somewhat improved, magician now has all four Aces.

127 Chapter 10: Card Novelties
127 Spelling the Pack--Values of all cards spelled out ("ACE through KING") yields exactly fifty-two cards, stunt works in Swedish, Dutch, French and German as well.
127 Odd Couples--Spectator shuffles pack, magician predicts somewhere in the pack a King and a Three will be next to each other.
128 Wind Up--Magician pretends to wind up deck, with thumb riffling cards to provide appropriate sound effects.
129 Checking the Pack--Magician pretends to count cards by sound alone.
130 Turn-Up--Packet of cards dealt, top card placed face down underneath packet, next card placed face up on table, next card to bottom of packet, etc. until all cards are face up on table in Ace through King order.
130 Card-Players' Quiz--Trivia questions pertaining to playing cards.
130 Drop Challenge--Dropping cards into a hat or basket, and the secret to being able to do it with close to 100% accuracy.
132 Turn-Up Challenge--Three cards dealt face down, center card turned face up, spectator challenged to turn all three face up turning over two cards at a time.
132 The Thinking Card-Player's Puzzle--Logic puzzle challenging spectator to determine values and suits of three face down cards based on minimal information.
132 The Perpetual Amanack or Gentleman's Prayer Book--Long story in which cards are turned up as various numbers or people are mentioned until the entire deck has been run through.
138 Solutions--To the Turn-Up Challenge and The Thinking Card-Player's Puzzle.

139 Chapter 11: Six Great Card Tricks
139 Compulsion--Spectator takes deck, removes cards from case, shuffles, magician removes envelope from pocket & holds in full view, spectator deals cards one at a time face down to the table until they choose to stop, envelope placed on table, spectator opens it up to find single card, last card dealt matches card in envelope.
144 Half Cut Coincidence--Two spectators each choose half a card from packet of half cards, when turned over selections form single card.
147 The Crystal Gazer--Deck ribbon spread face down, spectator pulls one card out of spread, magician places card in pocket leaving it protruding, crystal ball & patterned hank produced, ball placed on hank, spectator gazes into ball, image of card appears, card removed from pocket matches card seen in crystal.
151 Telepathic Do As I Do--Magician and spectator each take deck of cards, both hold them out of sight under table, shuffle, decks exchanged under table, decks shuffled again, decks cut, spectator selects card from deck, hands it to magician, magician inserts it in deck, decks cut, magician selects card, hands it to spectator, spectator inserts it in deck, both decks brought into view, decks searched for card of contrasting color, both cards turned up at same time, they match.
153 Dial A Miracle--Can be done over phone, spectator shuffles cards, cuts deck into two approximately equal piles, one pile selected, cards in pile counted, digits of total added together, as many cards as this secret total are discarded from pile, spectator selects number from one to ten, that number of cards are placed in pocket, spectator counts down in pile that same number and remembers card at that position, cards in pile dealt out and each card's name spoken aloud, magician announces number of cards in pocket and names selected card.
155 The Lie Detector--Spectator memorizes card, magician holds deck behind back and reverses single card, magician asks three questions and spectator has a choice of answering truthfully or not, answers to questions spelled out to determine single card, spectator asked to name card, which proves to be the one the magician is holding.
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This hardcover book is 160 pages long. Features a variety of fun and entertaining tricks intended to be performed by adults. As described on the inner dust jacket: "Paul explains tricks that can be performed at home, in the office, at the lunch table, in the pub and at the card table. There are tricks aimed at amazing adults or baffling children; for impressing business clients or for entertaining your friends." Profusely illustrated throughout, with black and white photographs and drawings. Book and unclipped dust jacket are both in overall near MINT to MINT condition!! Interior is sparkling clean! The dust jacket is protected with a BRODART, paper backed, Plasti-Kleer brand mylar.