ProControl - A Professional Approach to Card Control
Gary Ouellet
Camirand Academy of Magic Inc. (1988)
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Card tricks
Hardcover B000J42R6W
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Ouellet, Gary: ProControl
©1986 Gary Ouellet, The Camirand Academy of Magic, Canada
©1988 Revised Edition, Gary Ouellet, The Camirand Academy of Magic, Canada
Hardcover, 53 pages

Comments: Card Control method.

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 Key Cards
2 The Joker
3 Procontrol Card

4 Procontrol Techniques
5 Cutting The Key card
6 The Normal Cut
7 The Drop Cut
8 The swing Cut
9 Returning Selected card
10 Security Check

11 Procontrol Sequences
12 Spread Pass
13 Overhand shuffle

14 Proaces
15 Charlier Technique
16 ProControl Multiple Card Control
17 Procontrol variations
18 Procontrol Force
19 New Break Method
20 Flourish Drop Cut
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Edition Revised Edition
No. of Pages 53
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