The Lost Pages of Kabbala
Jon Racherbaumer
Jon Racherbaumer (1981)
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Racherbaumer, Jon: The Lost Pages of Kabbala
©1981 Jon Racherbaumer
Hardcover, no dj, 9x11", 98 pages

Comments: The Kabbala was a magic periodical originally published in the 1970's, and has been republished in several forms. According to Genii's Magicpedia, volume 2 stalled at issue 8, and Volume 3 restarted in 1976. A complete edition of Volume 3 was produced by Tannen's Magic in softcover. In 1980 and 1981, Danny Korem compiled hardcover editions of each volume. He added the four missing editions of Volume 2 to the second book, and during the research, enough additional material was found to produce a fourth volume Lost Pages of Kabbala (info from the introduction to Lost Pages). All the volumes combined were later re-released as The Legendary Kabbala by Paul Fried. Also, Tannen's released a softcover version of Kabbala in 1976.

Contents (from book ToC):
1 Complot Wallet Routine (Edward Marlo)
3 Spectator Cuts Off More Than He Can Choose (Jon Racherbaumer)
5 Castillon Connection (Eugene Castillon)
9 Atomic Clock (Robert Walker)
13 Flip-Flop Triumph (Jon Racherbaumer)
13 Zen Triumph (Jon Racherbaumer)
17 Stull-Ess Watch Stunner (Danny Korem)
19 Riding A Wave (Danny Korem)
20 Ma Bell Ringers (Danny Korem, Edward Marlo)
25 Third Thot (Jon Racherbaumer)
26 Wired Hidden Power (Jon Racherbaumer)
27 Succession Aces Of A Different Color (Eugene Castillon)
31 Successful Succession (Eugene Castillon)
33 Blended Succession (Dave Solomon)
34 Pyramid Of The Kings (Gene Maze)
39 Disassembling Jokers, The (Jon Racherbaumer)
41 Technicolor Disassembling Jokers (Eugene Castillon)
44 Gather Ye Colorful Jokers
47 Cannibals French Style (Jean-Jacques Sanvert)
50 Dessert (Danny Korem)
51 Uncanny Cannibals (Jon Racherbaumer)
53 Canned Cannibals (Jon Racherbaumer)
55 The Side-Jog Glide (Edward Marlo)
57 Magician's Fooler (Ken Simmons)
58 Push-In Chance (Edward Marlo)
57 Tilt Throw-Off I (Edward Marlo)
58 Tilt Throw-Off II (Jon Racherbaumer)
59 Ruffle Shuffle (Edward Marlo)
61 Covert Coin (Edward Marlo)
62 Easy Way Faro Fooler* (Jon Racherbaumer)
63 Color Changing Eidetic Sandwich (Danny Korem)
64 Spirit Production And Transposition (Jon Racherbaumer)
66 Trapped Transposition (Jon Racherbaumer)
68 Quick Reflex (Edward Marlo)
69 Swindle Speller (Jon Racherbaumer, Dave Solomon)
70 Sawing The Lady In Half? (Harry Allen)
73 Spellbinder (Eugene Castillon)
77 Another Tabled Transposition (Eugene Castillon)
81 Ungaffed Tabled Transposition (Eugene Castillon)
82 Copper And Silver: Cupped And Cozy (Danny Korem)
85 Pursed Coins Of Ishtar (Richard Kaufman)
88 Fantasy Torn And Restored Card (Danny Korem)
93 Extinguished Smoker (Danny Korem)
94 Tip And The Coin (Danny Korem)
96 Hanging Tip (Danny Korem)
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