Don England's Gaffed to the Hilt!
Jon Racherbaumer
Kaufman and Greenburg (1993)
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Card Tricks - Magic
United States of America  eng
Racherbaumer, Jon: Don England's Gaffed to the Hilt!
©1985 1st edition, Kaufman and Greenberg,
©1993 Reprint Kaufman and Greenberg
Hardcover, 85 pages

Very rare book on card magic


9 ....Geiger Counter Card:
clever forcing Joker-Gaff for 2 cards

13 ..Losers Weepers:
using Step Gaff for clean handling

17 ..Red-Hot Hofzinser:
two Phases, first card changes with Hofzinser transparent Gaff

21 ..Peek-a-Boo Color Changing Deck:
visual colour change of the back

25 ..Technicolor Inversion:
Colour Changing Deck Kicker

26 ..Peek-a-Boo Inversion (with Richard Kaufman):
Colour Changing Deck Kicker

29 ..Long and Lean:
Card is stretched

33 ..In the Bag!:
Visual Change of Card in transparent Bag

37 ..The Multiple Eidetic Change
(with Jon Racherbaumer): gaffed

41 ..Ten-Cent Quickie (Larry Jennings):
gaffed, 3 coins travel

49 ..Plastic Lady II:
Card is stretched both ways

53 ..About Face Zig-Zag I: in full view

57 ..About Face Zig-Zag II
(Jon Racherbaumer): in full view

60 ..Telescopic Alice:
Card visibly shrinks and returns to original size

67 ..Casperian Case:
Rising Deck

70 ..Holy Point of Arrival I
(Jon Racherbaumer): visual

73 ..Holy Point of Arrival II
(with Richard Kaufman): visual

77 ..BoxCard GAFF (Ed Marlo):
different gaffed Cards to be used with a box

78 ..Color-Changing Case (Ed Marlo):
Colour Changing Card Case

80 ..Color Changing Case and Deck (Ed Marlo):
Colour Changing Deck

81 ..Clinically-clean Card from Case (Ed Marlo):
using BoxCard Gaff, 3 Methods

81 ..BoxCard Tent Vanish (Ed Marlo):
performed on the Card Case

83 ..Cut Prediction (Ed Marlo):
using BoxCard Gaff

84 ..A Case for Crossing Cards (Jon Racherbaumer):
using Case and BoxCard Gaff
Product Details
Edition 2nd Edition (Limited to 1000 copies)
No. of Pages 85
Original Title Don England's Gaffed to the Hilt!
Original Publisher Richard Kaufman and Alan Greenberg
Original Country United States of America
Original Language English
Original Publication Year 1985
Personal Details
Read It No
Location Magic Library (Home)
Condition Near Mint
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor