Sub Rosa - Another Book of Exclusive Magic
Rae, Oswald
Oswald Rae (1928)
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Magic tricks
Great Britain  eng
Rae, Oswald: Sub Rosa
Another Book of Exclusive Magic
©1928 Oswald Rae, Great Britain
Hardcover, no dj, 108 pages

Comments: RARE SIGNED 1928 Sub Rosa by Oswald Rae - Magician Illusionist Magic History

Contents (from book ToC):
vii Foreword

1 Chapter I Card Tricks
1 Rae’s Ten-Card Trick
4 Slap It: card colour change
7 Cutting a Pack of Cards
11 A Visible Servante: using a hat
13 Card Location
14 A Remarkable Coincidence: with two spectators
18 Chapter II Cigarette Tricks
18 Selected Smokes: magician removes cigarettes by brand
22 Cigarette Balancing
24 Here and There: cigarette travels from hand to hand
26 “Gentlemen, You may Smoke”: loose tobacco and papers form into cigarettes
30 Chapter III Miscellaneous Tricks
30 Improved “Penetra”: glass of water penetrates hat and vanishes
34 A Waterproof Servante: behind a chair
35 Glass of Water and Hat: glass vanishes and appears in a hat
36 Something from Nothing: liquid and more produced from sealed tube
41 Call for Your Drinks: similar to above
42 Milady’s Dorothy Bag: objects transpose in small bag
48 The Vanishing Rifle: rifle vanishes and reappears
54 Chapter IV More Miscellaneous Tricks
54 Bending a Piece of Glass: glass frame
57 A New Dye Tube
60 Vanishing Handkerchief
60 Passe Passe Silks
62 The Elusive Ring: on named finger
64 Novelty Paper Tearing: torn paper forms word
66 A Neat Colour Force: using a 4x4 square
68 The Spirit Slate: using a flapped slate
77 Chapter V Mental Magic
77 Psycho-Analysis: magician determines card and thought of name
82 Clairvoyance: answering sealed questions
91 Miracles of Memory: mental math
102 Chapter VI An Illusion
102 The Life Ray: performer appears


Notes: “Signed by the legendary Oswald Rae on the first page. Foxing to exterior edge of pages. Otherwise just light shelf wear. Satisfaction guaranteed.”
Topic: Magic
Character Family: Magicians
Special Attributes: 1st Edition, Illustrated, Signed
Language: English
Binding: Hardcover
Country/Region of Manufacture: United Kingdom
Year Printed: 1928
Region: Europe
Subject: Games & Puzzles
Illustrator: Various
Author: Oswald Rae
Place of Publication: Great Britain
Original/Facsimile: Original Publisher: Oswald Rae
ISBN: Does not apply
Product Details
Extras Author autograph
No. of Pages 110
Personal Details
Read It Yes
Location Magic Library (Home)
Condition Very Good
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
More about Oswald Rae :

Oswald Rae (1892–1967), born and raised in Reading, Berkshire, was an English magician.
In 1915 he joined the Royal Corps of Engineers and was on active service until 1918. In 1919 he was in Germany with the Army of Occupation. During the war he gave over 500 performances to troops in France, was personally thanked and complimented by General Lord Plumer.
On his return from Germany he joined a concert party at Exmouth, England, and stayed with them until 1921 when he became manager of DeMond's Concert Party Enterprises, Skegness. He continued with them in 1922, and then in 1923 went into vaudeville. Since then he has been doing mostly society entertaining.
During his act in 1937 he performed the following tricks: The Holdup Trick, silk to Match Box, the Pip Card, Ink bottle and Turnip, bill Trick. Oswald Rae had a great line of patter and making wonderful impressions during his act.
Oswald Rae appeared before the Queen of Belgium, Prince of Wales, Princess of Monaco, Duke of Grafton, Earl of Athlone, Marquis of Reading, etc.
In 1928 he formed the British Ring 25 along with half a dozen others and was its President until 1947. The Ring grew quickly and had at 1932 already over 50 members.
Rae had been a professional magician all his life and in 1965 celebrated his 50th year as a professional. His work was confined primarily to entertainments for private parties.
Oswald Rae passed away October 8, 1967 (age 74). He is survived by his wife, Margaret.

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