Capers With Color
Rice, Harold R.
Silk King Studios (1943)
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Magic tricks
USA  eng
Rice, Harold R. & John Braun (editor): Capers With Color
©1943 Harold R. Rice, Silk King Studios, Wynnewood, PA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 20 pages plus ads

Comments: Illustrated by Nelson Hahne. Six routines with silks.

Contents (from book):

3 In Appreciation
5 The Diminishing Silk Production: smaller and smaller silks are produced
12 Passe - Passe: selected color silk is vanished and reappears tied to another
14 Matched Colors: magician's attempts to produce duplicate color silks fails until the finale
14 The Diminishing Silk: the magician magically reduces the size of a silk until it is the size he needs
17 Multiplying Colors: during patter, the magician multiplies the silks
18 Comedy 20th Century: magician fails to vanish the red silk and finally finds it tied to a blue silk
20 Concluding Comments
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Edition Fourth Edition
No. of Pages 24
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