Thru the Dye Tube
Rice, Harold R.
Silk King Studios (1974)
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Magic tricks
USA  eng
Rice, Harold R. & W.T. Van Zandt: Thru the Dye Tube
©1943 Harold R. Rice; Silk King Studos, Wynnewood, PA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 48 pages Harold Rice & Van Zandt: Thru the Dye Tube

Comments: Edited by John Braun. Illustrated by Nelson Hahne.


5 Popular Styles of Dye Tubes
5 Hand Color-Change Tube
5 Rice's Simplex
5 Color-Changing Ball
6 Rice's Palmo
6 Plunger Dye-Tube
6 John Braun Dye-Tube

7 Part One Routines with the Hand Color-Changing Tube and Rice's Simplex Tube
7 The Color-Change: silk produced and then changes color
11 - Second Method
12 - Disposal of the Color-Changing Tube
14 Multi-Color Change
15 Penetration: silk appears to penetrate a handkerchief
16 Vanish or Production

17 Part Two Routines With the Color Changing Ball and Rice's Palmo Ball
17 The Color-Change: as above
19 - The Change-Over Palm
20 - Disposal of the Ball
20 - An Added Variation
20 As a Vanish

21 Part Three Routines With the Plunger Dye-Tube and The Braun Dye-Tube
21 The Trap Fold: folding the silk for loading
23 The Al Baker Routine: silks change color in a rolled newspaper tube
24 Routine Using the Braun Tube
25 - Disposing of the Dyke Tube
25 - Sucker Finish
26 Other Methods of Loading the Dye-Tube Into Paper
28 Effects Using a Self-Contained Dye Tube
28 Nu Self Contained Tube
30 Other Methods of Stealing the Dye Tube From the Cylinder

32 Dye-Tube Effects: a series of routine suggestions
32 The Hunter: a hunting story using a rabbit and duck printed silk
33 20th Century: vanished rainbow silk appears between two others
33 The Traveling Salesman: Salesman silk is found between Farmer and Daughter silks
34 This Changing World: story about nations wanting to rule world, ending with the Christian flag
35 Stars & Stripes Forever: red, white and blue paper to ribbon to silks to flag
36 Safety First: story about drinking and driving
37 A Magical Bloomer: comedy bit
38 Radio Romance: two lovers reunited
38 Follow the Leader: comedy color change
39 Good Night: act climax

40 Additional Dye-Tube Effects: quick ideas
40 Rice's Sno-White and the 7 Swarves: a story
41 Rice's Mike the Gyp: Irish police vs. Mike the Gyp
42 The Mis-Made Flag
42 The Deluxe Mis Made Flag
42 Rice's Rainbow Mistake
42 Transition In Your Routine
43 Oriental Mat
43 Cut and Restored Necktie
43 Sun and Moon Effect
43 Blendo
44 The Tail of Mable
44 Mr. and Mrs. Green
44 A Knotty Problem
44 Card Silk
45 Double Color Change
45 Silks to Balloons
45 Silk Production
45 Bargain Counter
45 The Quints
46 Am I Astonished!
46 Birds of a Feather
46 Vanishing Canary
46 Borrowed Rings
46 Cut and Restored Silk
47 Silk to Snow Flakes
47 Ashes to Ashes
47 Silks to Confetti
47 Repeat Silk Vanish
47 Amalgamated Tube Company
48 Why War Started
48 A Novel Vanish
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