Practical Magic
David Robbins
D. Robbins & Co.,Inc. (1953)
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Magic tricks
United States of America  eng
Robbins, David: Practical Magic
©1953 David Robbins, D. Robbins & Co., NY
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9", 80 plus pages

Comments: A nice collection of stunts, gags, easy magic and some clever effects mixed in as well.


2 Foreword
3 Contents
04 The Vanishing Inch: paper puzzle
04 Balancing a Class on a Card: gimmicked card
05 Boy or Girl: envelope prediction
05 Blowing a Card: spectator blows card to top
06 The Liquified Block: ring penetrates block of wood
07 Face-up Card: card stab
07 Hindu Thumb Penetration: pins in thumb through handkerchief
08 A Strong Dollar: breaks a bill
08 The Screwy Match: match head instantly changes ends
09 Multiplying Coins: from plate
09 Magic Light: match lights mysteriously
10 Card and Ribbon Penetration: gimmicked card
11 Glass and Coin Mystery: coin vanishes under glass
11 Floating Egg: science experiment
12 Twentieth-Century Coin Trick: coin vanished and found in next of boxes
13 The Flying Coin: borrowed coins audibly transposes to pocket
13 Paper Bag Magic: silks appear from empty paper bag
14 What's Your Lucky Card?: coin from card
14 Against the Wall: physical stunt
15 Where's the Cow?: milking a rubber glove
15 Scissors Sorcery: envelope cut but not the ribbon
16 Pencil Magic: prediction trick
16 A Penny Puzzler: puzzle
17 Coin through Card: a quarter passes through a dime hole
17 A Four-Ace Trick: cards
18 The Vanishing Cigarette: from the hands
18 Odds & Even: card location
19 Penny Through Plate: penetrates plate into a glass
19 An Optical Illusion: two curved cards
20 The Magic Match Boxes: rattle box with surprise
20 Easy Book Test: mental test
21 Color-Changing Milk
21 Domino Magic
22 Living or Dead: paper tear divination
22 Knifing a Card: another card stab
23 Where There's Life-There's Hope: Chosen star's photo appears in frame
24 The Weeping Half Dollar: it cries
24 Coins from a Candle: coins appear from lit candle
25 Inflated Money: coins from bill
25 Smelling a Card: magician finds card by smell (confederate)
26 Easy Cut and Restored Rope Trick: with elastic
27 Broken and Restored Match: in handkerchief
28 Confetti to Cake: in hat
28 Magic Cones: find hidden coin under 1 of 3 cones
29 The Eight-Card Trick: card prediction
29 The Siberian Finger: living finger in box gag
30 'Spirit" Gum: rising gum
30 Class and Match Trick: stunt
31 The Flighty Dollar: stage bill serial number matching
31 Sensitive Fingers: magician finds 3 matches to selection
32 Miracle Card Prediction: prediction on a business card
32 Hindu String Trick: restored in the mouth
33 Fantastic Fishing: card fished out of a hat
34 An Easy Four-Ace Miracle: Aces removed instantly behind back
34 The Seven Magicians: word puzzle
35 The Mirror Card: magician sees through a card
35 The Surprise Bag: empty bag produces silks
36 Envelope Magic: magician finds envelope with Roosevelt dime
36 Color Test: crayon color mentalism
37 Magnetic Chips: magician finds red cards with poker chip
37 Match and Water Stunt: light a match under water (stunt)
38 Houdini Speaks: recording reveals selection
38 A Trick with Dice: dice number trick
39 Mysterious Egg: egg removed from borrowed purse
39 Coin Penetration: through table
40 Mental Telephony: phone mentalism
41 Mind Reading Deluxe (D.C. Luther): magician reads messages from audience
42 Dictionary Mind Reading: adding figures
43 Cards through Table: cards
44 Fu Manchu: silk appears between two others
44 Balancing an Egg: stunt
45 Magnetic Cards: cards stick to wall
45 Button Mystery: living or dead test
46 Eggs to Silks: in hat
46 Mystic Ashes (Marilyn Mattsson): magician determines message written by ashes
47 Card and Dice Mystery: dice help find selection
47 Four-Ace Miracle: remove four Aces from deck in pocket
48 Cut and Restored Handkerchief: borrowed handkerchief
48 The Ghost Whistle: whistle blows by itself (for stage)
49 Egg to Confetti: egg vanishes in handkerchief and is replaced by confetti
49 Dice Prediction: magician predicts numbers on dice
50 Disappearing Glass: during coin through table
50 Matches to Silk: in match box
51 Smart Coin Vanish: clover use of tie
51 Cops and Robbers: four Jacks
52 Red, White & Blue Mental Effect: mentalism with an accomplice
52 Book Magic: book test
53 Mental Music: mentalism with a piano
54 Blackboard Miracles: six mentalism effects
56 Four Aces from a Hat (Norman Rollins): cards
56 Easy Tricks with Cigars (Wm. C. Turtle): acrobatic cigar, magnetized cigar
57 The X-ray Match Box (Alfred Zorn): mind reading
57 The Magic Box: optical illusion
58 A New Card Gimmick (Allan Lambie): with a card box
59 Cutting a Woman in Half (Robert Rastord): card and ribbon variation
60 Gone with the Wind (James Collins): handkerchief vanish
60 Silk from Ink Bottle (Curtiss Giese): vanishing and reappearing silk
61 Easy Built Production and Vanishing Box (Raymond Wilenzick): how to make it
62 The Magic Banana (Jack Goldin): banana is pre-cut
62 Coin in Orange (Charles Willins): how to use the knife
63 Walking Colors (Junior K. Grotts): cards change places in envelopes
63 Stretching a Rope (Robert Maslon): two feet to six feet
64 The Traveling Silk (Matt W. Leach): to newspaper
65 The Red and Black Mystery (Clarence Lee): magnet finds the color red
65 The Soaring Cigarette: cigarette rises from pack into the hand
66 Pronto Card Appear (Allan Lambie):
67 Rabbit from Napkin (Tom Osborne): handkerchief fold
68 Mental Magic
68 - Card Reading
68 - Another Mental Effect
68 - Reverse Card Effect
69 - An Improved Version
69 - Cards From Pocket
69 - Arithmetic Magic
70 Showmanship: article
70 Patter: article
71 Lessons in Sleight of Hand
71 - Lesson 1 Coin Vanishing
73 - Lesson 2 The Miser's Dream
75 - Lesson 3 Card Manipulation
75 - - The Hindu Shuffle
75 - - Keeping Card on Bottom
75 - - Bringing Bottom Card to Top
76 How to Be a Ventriloquist (James Rodney)
76 - Lesson 1 Learning to Talk
77 - Lesson 2 Holding a Conversation
78 - Lesson 3
80 E-Z Tricks Miniature Catalog
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LoC Classification 53-5533
No. of Pages 80
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Condition Very Fine
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor