Foulsham's Card And Conjuring Tricks
Roberts, Charles and Crayford, Charles
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Card tricks, Magic tricks
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Roberts, Charles & Charles Crayford: Foulsham's Card and Conjuring Tricks
©1924 (circa) W. Foulsham & Co. Ltd, London, NY
1936 Edition(?) W. Foulsham & Co. Ltd, London, NY
Hardcover, w/dj, 156 pages

Comments: A compilation of two books: Charles Roberts "Tricks With Cards" and Charles Crayford's "Fifty Best Conjuring Tricks"

Contents (from book):
v Introduction to Conjuring Tricks (Charles Crayford)
vii Introduction to Card Tricks (Charles Roberts)

9 Tricks With Cards

9 Chapter I Effective Tricks Which Require No Sleight-Of-Hand
9 An Elementary Trick
11 Patter
12 Finding a Chosen Card - Various Methods
14 Revealing a Discovered Card - Various Methods
17 To Name a Chosen Card Without Seeing It
17 To Name Any Number of Cards in Succession
18 To Tell Whether a Packet of Cards is Odd or Even in Number
18 To Place Four Kings in Different Parts of the Pack, and Bring Them Together by a Single Cut
19 The Ruffle
19 A Simple False Shuffle
20 To Change Two Cards Whilst They Are Held By Spectators
20 To Vanish a Card From The Pack, And Make It Appear In Someone's Pocket
22 To Name Cards Thought Of By Four Different Porsona
22 To Name Several Groups Of Cards Thought Of By Several Persons
24 Another Systems Of Finding Cards Thought Of
25 To Tell Which Of Four Cards Has Been Turned Round In Your Absence
25 The Inseparable Families Trick
26 To Name Four Cards Cut By A Member Of The Audience
27 To Find A Certain Card By Touch Inside A Person's Pocket
28 To Catch Chosen Cards From A Shower Of Cards

30 Chapter II Tricks That Can Be Performed by a Novice With The Aid of Specially Prepared Cards
30 The Forcing Pack
31 The Biseaute Pack And How To Make Such A Pack: a stripper deck
32 Substituting For Genuine Pack
34 The Torn Card Trick
35 The Attraction Of Money: A Trick With Biseaute Cards
36 Any Number Of Kings A Finale With The Forcing Pack
37 Special Changing Cards, And How To Use Them

41 Chapter III Sleight-Of-Hand
41 The False Shuffle: Five Methods
41 - First Method for Prearranged Pack
42 - Second Method for Prearranged Pack
42 - Third Method for Prearranged Pack
43 - Fourth Method to Keep a Certain Card in View
43 - Fifth Method to Keep a Certain Card or Cards in View
44 The False Cut
44 Palming
45 - First Method
46 - Second Method
47 The Pass
47 - First Method With Both Hands
50 - Second Method With One Hand Only
52 The Bridge
52 Forcing

54 Chapter IV On More Advanced Tricks
54 The Obedient Aces
57 The Walking Card
57 To Deal Yourself all the Trumps
58 The Invisibly Changing Cards

63 Advice to Amateur Conjurers
63 Patter
64 Tables
65 Manner
65 Elocution

66 Conjuring Tricks
66 Part I: some require commercial props
66 The String Trick: a string passing between two pillars is cut and restored
66 The Magic Corks: corks in a box shown as four or eight
67 The Wonderful Bran Barrel: bran is gathered in a cylinder from a bowl, the cylinder covered with a silk, and the bran vanishes
68 Gravitation Defied: a ball falls on a sting only by command
68 Table Lifting Extraordinary: a small table can be lifted by the fingertips
69 The Magnetised Hat: a similar trick with a top hat
70 A Performing Cigar: cigar balances on a hat
71 Inexhaustible Hat Trick: two dozen cups removed from borrowed hat
72 Another Method: various articles removed from borrowed hat
74 Handkerchiefs Tie and Until Themselves
75 The Mystic Nail: a nail passes through the finger without harm
75 The Bewitched Bottle: magician can tell which color stick was sealed in a bottle
76 Indian Bead Mystery: three beads are removed from a string
77 A Handy Canister: handkerchief is replaced by spring flowers in a canister
78 The Conjurer's Fruit Knife: shilling is vanished and found in a fruit
79 The Barber's Pole: a striped barber pole from the mouth
80 The Haunted Umbrella: an umbrella suspends in its tip
81 A Funny Funnel: liquid pours from a funnel
81 A Useful Sugar Bag: for vanishing small objects
82 Wine Versus Bran: liquid is poured from a bottle, covered with a cylinder, and vanishes to be replaced by bran

84 Part II
84 The Ever-Changing Die: number of spots change on a large die in an instant
85 Lidless Card Box: a clever deep card box for changing a card
85 The Magic Photo Frame: a photo appears in a blank frame
86 Handkerchief From Candle Flame
88 The Handkerchief Wand: produce a silk
89 The Magic Button-Hole: flower appears in the button-hole
90 A Wonderful Soup-Plate: produces a bouquet of flowers
91 Conjurer’s Pistol: for vanishing an article
92 The Card Table: a card is switched or vanished on a small platform
93 Glass Of Water From A Handkerchief
94 A Good Black-Art Table
95 Bowl Of Goldfish From A Shawl
96 A Basket Of Flowers: production
98 The Crystal Casket: a see-through cube of clear glass is suddenly filled with silks
99 Sweets From A Handkerchief
100 Tea Versus Coffee: a transposition using a special apparatus
101 Travelling Egg: egg vanishes from glass
103 To Pass A Penny Through A Glass Of Water
104 Dyeing Handkerchief: color changing
105 The Vanishing Penny: penny vanishes under a handkerchief
107 Vanishing Glass Of Stout: liquid vanishes from glass when uncovered
108 A Useful Servante: to be worn
109 A Flag And Some Hot Coffee: flag vanishes to be found in coffee pot
110 A Shilling M A Ball Of Wool: Old Way and New Way
113 The French Drop
113 The Bran Cylinder (Mr. Gilbert Stout): bran vanishes in a cylinder to be replaced by silks, etc.
115 Dry Sand From Wet Water
116 Handkerchief To Snake: handkerchief thrown in the air turns into a snake
117 A Vanishing Card: in a tumbler of water
119 Vanishing Gloves: an opener
119 A Study In Black And White: a glove changes from white to black
120 Green Versus Red Handkerchief: color change
121 A Novel Production: of a flower pot
122 Disappearing Cards: cards are spread on the arm with a wand and vanish as the spread is closed
123 Lighted Candle Production: a candle lights as it is pulled from the jacket
124 A Useful Matchbox: a utility box of matches

125 Part III
125 Magic Bricks: one block vanishes from the middle of a stack to be found in a hat
127 The Flying Lady: a stage illusion
129 A Jacob's Ladder: a paper tear
131 Indian Rope Trick: a stage trick
134 Balancing A Glass On A Card
136 The Diminuendo Card: a single card gets smaller and smaller
137 The Lost And Found Illusion: swords thrust through an assistant in trunk, but the trunk is found empty
141 The Vanishing Match: instant vanish of a lit match
143 A Vanishing Coin Trick: the Miser's dream using a gimmicked coin
144 New Mystic Rose: silk to rose
145 Rabbits Galore: a multiple rabbit production
146 A Rapid Vanish: for a handkerchief, using a glass gas chimney
147 Draught Boards Made While You Wait: black and white papers form a checker board
148 A Handy Box: a coin vanishing box
151 Corn Plasters!: rings are mysteriously removed from a string
153 Conclusion

155 Index to Conjuring Tricks
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