Signed Card on Blue Stake
Romhany, Paul
Paul Romhany (2013)
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Magic tricks
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Romhany, Paul & Wayne Rogers: Signed Card on Blue Stake
©2011 Paul Romhany
Softcover, perfect-bound, 45 pages

Comments: Pro Series Book Number 5. A complete eight minute stand-up comedy routine, an approach to the card sword stab.

Contents (from book ToC):

6 Introduction
10 About Wayne Rogers
12 Effect and Presentation
14 The Props
14 - Stake
17 - Signed Card Gimmick
19 - The Card Frame
21 - The Paper Bag
22 - Bag Gimmick
23 - Stand and Cloth
31 - Final Preparation
33 Showtime
38 Loading the Stake
40 Stab
41 Climax
42 Simplex Variation
44 Additional Table
45 Final Thoughts

A COMPLETE eight minute stand-up comedy routine from Paul Romhany & Wayne Rogers. If you are looking for a hilarious routine that is innovative, original and funny then look no further. The book goes in to detail on how to make all the props needed for this hilarious routine. Created by Wayne Rogers for his own professional act, and used by Paul Romhany on cruise ships this routine has everything that makes it a strong commercial effect.

"Forget the card sword routine everybody else is doing - this is a novel and fresh approach to a great card on sword routine". TC Tahoe

Effect: A card is signed by a spectator and placed inside the deck. The performer picks up a brown string shopping bag and has the spectator drop the cards in to it. He then explains that he has seen other magicians throw cards in the air and catch a card on the end of sword. Unfortunately the magician doesn't have a gleaming sword, so instead bring out a thick wooden stake, which is banged on the floor. One end of the stake has been sharpened to a point. The cards in the bag are given a shake. The spectator names their card and the performer thrusts the stake down in to the open paper bag with such force that it penetrates right through the bottom.

The stake is pulled back out, and impaled on it is a card. Due to the large size of the stake, only a narrow boarder of card remains. The performer pulls the remains of the card off the stake, holds the empty frame towards the audience and proudly announces the name of the chosen card!
After the laughter comes the climax where the performer taps the side of the stake and out of the blunt end he shakes out the chosen and signed card minus it's border!! He shows it to the spectator who confirms it is their signed card and applause follows.

A very strong magic routine complete with gags upon gags making this routine a highly commercial and solid effect.
This book comes complete with diagrams and photos showing how to make this yourself PLUS additional ideas showing how to make the stake in to a table. All the moves are very easy to perform and loading the card in stake could not be easier.
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Romhany is one of the most prolific and original thinking magicians today. His books and products are all taken from over 25 years of professional experience. He is also editor of VANISH - International Magic Magazine.