Latter Day Tricks
Roterberg, A.
A. Roterberg (1896)
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Roterberg, August: Latter Day Tricks
©1896 1st Edition
Hardcover, 112 pages

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Comments ( This book is the continuation of The Modern Wizard; same format almost same number of pages and same style. For example the 'handkerchief productions' are continued with methods twelve, thirteen fourteen, fifteen and sixteen. You will find many interesting plots with eggs, glasses, coins, silks, tubes, plates, flowers, nest of boxes, ...


5 Robinson's Flying Handkerchiefs
9 The Improved Soup Plate and Handkerchief Trick
10 First Method
10 Second Method
11 Third Method
12 Fourth Method
13 The Four Soup Plates and Handkerchiefs
15 The Handkerchief Coloring Trick
16 Handkerchief Productions, Continued from "The 16 Modern Wizard"
16 Twelfth Method
17 Thirteenth Method
18 Fourteenth Method
19 Fifteenth Method
20 Sixteenth Method
21 The Chameleon Handkerchiefs
23 The New Gordian Knots
24 Second Method
25 The Vanishing Handkerchief
26 The Three Colored Handkerchief
27 The New Torn and Restored Handkerchief
28 Handkerchief and Envelope
29 The Handkerchief Produced from a Card
29 The Newest Billiard Ball Trick
32 The Fairy Tube and Ball
33 First Method
34 Second Method
35 Third Method
37 The New Glass Vase and Appearing Balls
38 Handkerchief, Lemon and Glass
41 The New Egg and Handkerchief Trick
42 The New Vanishing Eggs
44 The Disappearing Egg
45 The Balanced Eggs
45 First Method
46 Second Method
47 The Vanishing Coin Tube
49 Coins, Hat, Plate and Glass
51 The Hat, Glass and Coins
52 Wine Instead of Flowers
53 Wine, Handkerchief and Bottle
55 The New Flying Glass of Water
57 The Glass Cylinder and Water Trick
59 The Bewitched Decanter
61 The Die and Flowers
63 The Soup Plate and Flowers
63 First Method
64 Second Method
66 The Color Changing Rose
66 First Method
67 Second Method
67 The Bewitched Wand
70 The Magical Oil Painting
71 The Broken and Mended Wine Glass
73 The New Writing Hand
75 Robinson's Ring and Potato Trick
76 The Chameleon Paper Shavings
76 First Method
77 Second Method
78 Third Method
80 Paper Shavings Changed into Bon Bons
81 The Unlucky Hat
83 The Disappearing Gold Fish
84 The Wand and Flying Rings
85 Invisible Journey of Two Canaries
86 The Hypnotised Cane
88 The New Nest of Boxes
91 Ice Cream Made in a Borrowed Hat
93 Coins and Plate
94 Coin and Sword
95 The Spirit Envelope
97 The New Colored Sand Trick
97 First Method
98 Second Method
99 The Candy Bag, Watch and Handkerchief
101 The Floating Ball of Paper
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No. of Pages 112
Personal Details
Read It No
Location Magic Library (Home) Shelf T
Condition Poor
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
PUBLISHED BY THE AUTHOR - Copyright ©1896, Chicago, Ill.

This copy of this 113-year-old conjuring book is
in rather distressed condition on the outside: the
spine has been taped and there are bubble warps
and stains on the front and back cloth covers (see
scan). Inside, with the exception of the front end
paper, which is detached and loose, the balance of
the pages are intact, with none torn or damaged.
There is relatively minor foxing considering the age.
As to the contents of this volume — all the effects
explained are with handkerchiefs, coins, plates and
glasses, flowers and eggs, watches, goldfish,
canaries, etc. — NO CARD TRICKS. (see scan of
two of the three Contents pages). There are 108
pages of descriptive text, plus four pages of advertising.


August Roterberg
Born Hamberg, Germany Born 1867 Died September 23, 1928

Cause of death natural causes
Nationality German
Occupation magic shop owner
Known for sleight of Hand, card magic

August Roterberg (1867 - 1928) was born in Hamburg, Germany and emigrated to the United States around 1883 as a teenager. He started out selling magic by mail order, and then opened a magic store in Chicago. It was housed in the lobby of the "old" Palmer House Hotel.

Roterberg really started the modern age of magic publishing. His books were the first in English, written expressly for magicians. Roterberg's books were published by a magic dealer specifically for sale in magical depots, rather than for wide distribution to the general public. He ended up selling his mail order business in 1908 to Ralph W. Read and his shop to Arthur & Carl Felsman in 1916.

Roterberg is best known as a magic inventor and is credited with inventing the "Multiplying Billiard Balls" trick.
He eventually retired around 1917 and eventually moved to California, where lived until death.

Published Works
The Modern Wizard (1895)
Latter Day Tricks (1896)
New Era Card Tricks (1897)
Card Tricks and How To Do Them (1902)